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The dagger

Written by Djablo Master.

Elton djablo the approaches
babette Dragoone : he observes
Djablo Elton grabs her by the hair and entering it in the eye and locks in a grip that does not admit that a gesture
babette Dragoone opens her lips
Djablo Elton advances, penetrates , gets to the mind and grabbing his tongue between his teeth
babette Dragoone scent intoxicates him , his contact overwhelms , his strength devours
Djablo Elton Devil 's claw holds the dove without scratching
Djablo Elton lifts and the port where the sky is so black , where a star can shine
babette Dragoone a deep groan escapes from the inside, he opens his eyes and sees black, but is carried away in the whirlwind of hell
Elton djablo the devil 's claw sinks in the oyster which contains the sap of love, he impregnates and then bring the hand to the sky , and then distill the pleasure on her face
babette Dragoone the flower blossoms and leaves its dew, gives it to him as a treasure for his pleasure and folly of his presence, observes his hand and waiting for the sap as a source of essence
Elton djablo : You are my madness, as you do not desire you ?
Djablo Elton : to get you to possess as a tauro into heat and get into you like lightning
babette Dragoone if I'm her madness she 's mine and what I the gift is what she gives to me
babette Dragoone you pass her lips as tacit request of the touch of his hand wet
Djablo Elton pulls the dagger and brings it to the palm of the hand carving the meat and letting out tears of blood
Djablo Elton holds out her palm and waits
babette Dragoone approaches her lips to the hand , the laying on it and drink his own life
Djablo Elton grabs her by the neck and the face looks in swaying the head, the study examines , takes in a deep kiss and violent
babette Dragoone abandon all resistance will be invaded and tremble , tremble because it is inside of him as he and ' inside herself
Elton djablo the riafferra his tongue between his teeth and slowly forces her to rise
babette Dragoone assist in that movement , he gets up just seeing him , he and his passion. he and his madness
Djablo Elton grabs her wrists, she spreads her arms crucifying his eyes as the Queen of his thoughts
expects every thing he wants is what she wants as long as he sees those eyes scream their joy
Djablo Elton launches infiggendolo dagger into the ground, so that the riadagia her vulva you agree to the handle . He bends down and kisses her on the forehead : I, you only us , we will do a lot of damage Female
babette Dragoone a sigh and a torment, moving his hips and leans into him a memento of total abandonment * you or I , we * stops breathing and has no strength to continue and silent .....
Djablo Elton : silence is the sound of abandonment to pleasure. A rumble that peace
babette Dragoone forcefully grabs the sides of his Master and hear the harp of his passion , he continues to move her hips
Djablo Elton takes her head and leaning her shoulder to numb it will be like every night . To protect her from loneliness and mental emptiness that surrounds those who can not dream
babette Dragoone hides her face against him, catching his breath * I'm his now and forever , as long as she wants it *
Djablo Elton us
Djablo Elton us
Djablo Elton us
babette Dragoone : we
Elton djablo the hawk claws its dove and the door will be happy to fly their dream into infinity , without fear, free to be what it is .

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