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Scene d'amour

Written by Babette schiava di Djablo.

babette Dragoone goes behind the woman
alexia Elcano : I smell the scent
babette Dragoone a red rose petals laying her on her belly
Elcano alexia : does it open up the touch .... eyes light up with excitement
babette Dragoone slow caresses the skin leaving silk and perfumes
alexia Elcano : the skin is tinged with chills
babette Dragoone is lifted slightly and returns to touch
alexia Elcano closes his eyes and sees golden veils and dunes cross fire from scorpions Nerim could dance among them without fear, would move the madness of the senses
babette Dragoone go up those petals and they touch her ​​lips parted , lowers * come to me *
alexia Elcano : kisses the petals , it enjoys the fragrance and sighs imagining a leaf
alexia Elcano : I Madame ....
babette Dragoone : you Alexia ?
alexia Elcano : even in the flames of hell would follow the
babette Dragoone : I'd take you into the fire that does not burn
alexia Elcano : sssssss ........ I would burn more than fire itself
babette Dragoone : then cross the hell to touch heaven
alexia Elcano : my hell is the aroma of the power that a heavenly presence can give me as his
babette Dragoone blowing on the wind rose and gives
alexia Elcano : aafferra all the petals with the desire ...
alexia Elcano : blowing them into the sky by drawing a blood cascade of perfume and coloreinspira ..... and explodes in a silent scream of charm and worship
babette Dragoone grabs the rod between his lips barbed hugs him and walks to his lips drops of fire will settle
alexia Elcano : the notes .... and insecure approached her lips to his ... closes his eyes ... throwing his head back
babette Dragoone sweet flavors loves desires , his lips touching the thorns together ... one ... you and me
alexia Elcano : the taste of blood sweetens the moment it feels to fly among the stars as a Pegasus of fire , sweat surrounds it , the chills are losing the white drops of dew
babette Dragoone gets up grabs a hand and hands her the rose * seal of our passion , it retains *
alexia Elcano : holding the rose heedless of the thorns that tightens to have that pain that makes her feel alive ... how can you not adore Madame
babette Dragoone caresses * you 're alive , you live in me *
alexia Elcano : the body quivers of pleasure , full of joy is transferring signals
babette Dragoone : I 'm nobody Alexia I rejoice in the joy of the people I care about
alexia Elcano : I am Madame and Her joyful of his joy because I never , but never , but maiiiiiiii felt such intense emotions and true
babette Dragoone : I would like to be able to give the whole universe but for now be content with ' a star
alexia Elcano : scenes d'Amour ... I have you in my heart and while I'm crying (RL) of happiness .... I am proud to have crossed his line in a sign that even fate could have been avoided
babette Dragoone : Do not cry for the mountains and ' still high but we will get to the summit
alexia Elcano : Once up there a white light will point to the sky ..... and will be a beacon for those who will need the one thing that can serve ....
babette Dragoone : and if thou wilt be my stick I will learn to walk quickly
alexia Elcano : I'll be what you want to always ... his armor steel ... to protect his gold ... I will be invisible as the wind ... as clear as water ... how much I love Mme
babette Dragoone : how much I love you
alexia Elcano : God

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