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Roissy - Histoire d' O

Written by Alessia schiava di Djablo.

On the basis of my memories of my former owner against , I decided to carry me in a fairy tale , one of the most famous . Histoire d ' O. The sim that lives on this story inspired by the novel is one of the most famous Role Play in SL. Known for its seriousness and rigor . At first glance you will notice that there are very specific rules and are enforced. I will be prohibited from the use of a translator , I will be imposed training , posture and even clothing must be finalized and meticulous attention to detail .

After about 15 days in which cover it simply as an observer , I am instructed by Madame Marie Anne de Samois and become Maid. The training is hard but marked to investigate aspects of the RP . After about a month , Madame , I convene together with a sister of O and has my transition to the role of Demoiselle de Samois . Finally, the training intensified and become more and more complex .

The first training is that of the " silence " , in which the demoiselle must not speak or describe sensations , but only and exclusively describe the gestures . I remember how difficult it was healthy or dissent or give explanations to describe gestures. Of course I could avoid going , but I remember very well how much attraction there was and as often happens, I got thrown headlong . The second training was the most fascinating. I was turned into Angel , a sort of living statue in RLV chained to the structures in marble. Often the subject of respectful contemplation of beauty. The beauty of Roissy , a slave always be respected and enhanced . Rewarding.

But finally after months of training , in which I can create a core of enjoyable and rewarding friendships , Mistress Liza Nykvist or Madame Marie Anne de Samois , tells me that my graduation is next , I am to finally become Sister of O.

May 9, 2010 - Roissy

I Alexia , Sister of O

On the wings of emotion I rode a myth. My soul has traveled riding on the clouds of my passion . With the words I was given the strength and pride. With a ring , I was given a specific task. His heart beat like that of a runaway horse , hearing those words of respectful thanks for the effort , my heart is broken , exploded deflagrando the pleasure of being the chosen one at the time. A ceremony that may seem trivial to many unforgettable emotions aroused in those who have a minimum sensitivity . Climb the ladder , take me in front of Madame Anne Marie , to feel attach the arms to the pillars ... I see a hand that puts the ring O , touch the target of so much effort . The words of Madame who recognized my commitment , filled my head. Then when ... Madame has ordered me to kneel between the two pillars and said: " Sir / Madam this is the Alexia Elcano or Sister E! ", My mind exploded. I wanted to scream but the compliments of many present shocked me and filled with pride. I was ... myself, an O ! I decided to climb the mountain again and I was taken to heaven by people who do not know and probably never will know . I decided to bring the brand to focus on my skin as a sign of devotion and respect. I was thanked for having given so much, but I did not understand why at the end I just gave myself after I belonged . I am a person with strengths and weaknesses like many who believe , rather it is certain that even in SL , the soul of the people to love and respect .

SECONDLIFE - For who doesn't know me yet in SL, and also between these who tried in the past to cobecome closer to me like a simple hunt prayer, I am co-owner of the land bdsm SADIANA, one of the mose serious and few that apply real thread BDSM in SL, clicking on the link you can arrive directly to me  INWORLD . I wanna remember to all that for log inside SECONDLIFE it needs an account and use a second life VIEWER to move inside it.

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