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Black electric

Written by Alessia schiava di Djablo.

all black, dark, deeply inaccessible or nearly so. I was blindfolded and locked, a victim of my own cravings or confessions. On my knees, legs open and and my pussy exposed to view. i was blocked by ropes  than prevented any movement. I see nothing , i could hear the noises. as a meat.. as a prey.. I don't need to see who use myself. No need to phisical pleasure. I don't need anything else. Suddenly I started to hear  some chatter, whispering and giggling.. I was naked on display for that. The prey, the meat whore, i was only holes. Some objects were quickly inserted into the vagina and anus. the objects were small, bearable, at the time i did not really understand the utility. The place is coming to animate. Increased voices and comments were no longer blurry now but was heavy and raw.
A huge burning was what preceded my scream when both nipples were pinched by something and toothed metal. but the climax was reached when it was made me open my mouth and I was placed a very large ring-gag more than usual, the jaw was helpless , I realized that cause discomfort to me. everything was ready. I felt it. I could not guess how many people there were, I tried to count the voices but soon my concentration would fall on the other. My mouth was wide open early target of their spittle. In turn they approached and spat. Then everything went out, no noise.
I had been abandoned. I thought than it was not possible and I was right. In my gaping mouth began to appear the cock of one of my torturers. he took the back of my neck began to move my head to his liking.Slowly at first, then more and more vigorously. The penis closed often the esophagus and causing me gagging and choking. For over an hour, cocks followed one another in a gradual manner, cock even bigger sunk in what was a mouth but for them it was used only as a hole. But I learned soon that this was only the first part of my tormented afternoon.the lunges were so frequent and repeated in my mouth that I had no way of thinking. Their comments are excited they could barely to touch me. I could feel their comments but I did not have time to understand them, analyze their content. My mouth was pumped without any pause or mercy. All of a sudden, I felt my nipples tingling now, they are tormented by the metallic tweezers. The tingling was slowly increased until it became annoying shocks of low intensity. Meanwhile, without intermission other men should switch the round with me transformed now into human oral fuck machine.
By now I was a rag . The frequent slobber after deep throat was spreading as an humiliation layer on my torso. suddenly everything stopped . It could not be the epilogue , no one had spat his pleasure. And while I was wrapped of reasons I felt a strong pang in my cunt . An electric shock startled me , the nerves were tense, my body swelled pushed forward from the painful discomfort. afterwards they added more pain. Even the anal probe was activated . It gave me the impression as a crazy pinball inside my intestine. the ball  bouncing from wall to wall of my ass . In this way, between a peak and the other in intensity, one by one again began to use my mouth and this time to enjoy their cum in my face . I was destroyed, used up to the limit of endurance , electrically tortured , unable to any kind of pleasure . When everyone present had enjoyed, the Maker of my sadistic afternoon approached me. The thinker. He to whom this body and this head belonged in its entirety. he took off my mask. the light was so intense and my eyes were violated.
When I was able to focus on, i cannot look up but i bent my head forward and I saw a strands of cum drip from my face. Socket for the hair I was forced to place my mouth on his cock for the last grueling use. he fucked my mouth with his usual way, regardless of my retching and my tears. after he fuck my throath he cum plentifully directly into my throat.  Just time to catch his breath and his cock came out a hot stream of piss that I had to accept with my open mouth. It was the final act of a tormented use, one of many that bound me masochistically to his sadistic mind.


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