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Meadows in heaven

Written by Alexia schiava di Djablo.

Alessia: slave
Rosa: you
Alessia: come to me
Alessia: notes from the impassive
Rosa his eyes perceive his gaze
Alessia is agitated nervous ... disappointed
Rosa 's body vibrates nervously
Alessia takes them both wrists and squeezes them with force
Rosa limbs approach unnaturally
Alessia: the straight in the eye and forces her to observe carefully
Pink stops flickering in front of his intense gaze
Alessia: what you need slave
Alessia: what do you want ... by me
Rosa its essence , the poison
Alessia: ...... the taste of my poison is bitter sweet
Rosa the abode of my mind I can smell
Alessia: cibarti want the skin of the snake ?
Rosa his body as he wishes the energy of the snake
Alessia: take the hair and pushes her head in the middle of sex
Alessia: the scent bilges
Rose yanked the approaching her
Rosa one of his senses rises
Alessia: abruptly away with a boost from her head
Rosa has been deprived of the smell that remains if
Alessia: the blindfold covering his eyes and
Rose loses the sense of distance , but it feels the presence
Alessia: moves behind her
Rosa feels lost but sniffs his presence
Alessia: kisses her neck from behind , very gently
Rosa a sudden heat , but happy pervades
Alessia: lifting and pushing the silk begins to orinarle on the head on the neck
Rosa 's body flooded with warm drops it gets wet
Alessia takes her head by the hair and cleaning the vagina ...
Pink hair from light cloth will have their pleasure
Alessia: now you have my smell .... the stench of piss fills you
Rosa will remain in me those drops memory
Alessia: behind the ears, hissing like a snake : I'm the poison that enters your soul to corrode for me and make it a slave of my mind
Rosa a shiver down the body received the lash emotion
Alessia: ssss.s. ....... deadly poison ...... sssss
Rosa total energy
Alessia: can you hear me bitch bastard ?
Rosa: one is to take everything that gives
Alessia: slips off her long gloves blacks , , , ..
Rosa hear a hissing sound of something falling on the ground
Alessia: very lentazza makes them go blind in front of his face ....
Rosa a different smell begins to assimilate
Alessia: then impogna them to the edge and violently slaps her with them
Rose 's face battered by those with an open mouth was trying to grab
Alessia is a challenge .... a challenge to those who touch the emotional level higher ....
Alessia : give me the juice
Alessia: and I will give you the gall
Pink lines on the face mark its profile
Alessia: Watch me ...... through the bandage imagine my pain ....
Rose can see very well the feeling that is created
Alessia: I'm here for you and a few others
Rosa the phrase excites her sex
Alessia: I am confused , in an ocean of garbage vulgar mind I stand as your guide
Rose the black soul in the morning unuovo
Alessia: I am the raven wings of clay ..... your black crow
Rosa the beggar never lies
Alessia her a kick in the chest and forces her to sit in a very ridiculous
Rose feels the body exposed to these
Alessia: the tears the bandage so that it can observe the frenzy in front of her
Pink eyes open space around
Alessia: wings stand out in the air ..... sharp horns of steel to impersonate the diabolical mind
Pink belly vibrates in a frenzy , the excitement takes
Alessia: top grabs her by the neck impressing upon the carotid artery as she chokes
Rosa air is hard to get in, but there are those who breathe for her
Alessia: open your mouth ..... look for me ....
Pink lips spread out , the language is is looking for her
Alessia: this beast is wounded soul and must vomit ..... the poison
Pink exposes you to get that vital
Alessia: from the mouth goeth a yellowish foamy drool ... cola directly onto the open mouth of a bitch under her
Pink tongue cleans her lips to savor the flavor
Alessia: bends and begins to d stir slowly like an animal
Rose feels the closeness it smells
Alessia: the curious looks , mocking without saying a word, gently caressing alternating but the scratch of her nails ....
Alessia: BEAST is stronger now ! The beast .... want to sacrifice its prey ...
Rosa 's arms back leverage to receive
Alessia: the tongue in a long red
Rose opens her mouth
Alessia : The suggested a nipple , sensual kiss alternating bites very painful
Alessia: my prey is about to be devoured by the Queen of the Devil ....
Rosa pain whip , biting her lip to drop a drop of blood and donargliela
Alessia: down on his body , and stops at dell'obelico .... licks while her hands clawing the tender flesh of her hips
Pink vibrating body vibrates the soul is to welcome
Alessia: still down and licks .... licks his prey ..... down to the level
Alessia: sssssssssssssss ......... sesssss ... or ssssiii
Rosa feels wet from his linga
Rosa Uhmmmmm uncontrollable vibrations
Alessia: licks with skill .... utta tongue licks , bites, gets inside the merciless
Rosa is his presence inside that only by tremors
Alessia : it lowers again, she curls up on her sex and relentlessly continues to lick it until you feel the first tremors of pleasure
Rosa 's arms tremble to rock it
Alessia: ssssss .... the language ........ ........ enters and takes you orgasm
Rosa a heat wave comes out
Alessia: without noticing that his eyes burn , mouth takes on a wicked smile ..... NOW .... you .... I TAKE ....
Rose like a slut drenched in emotions is ready
Alessia: a dull noise penetration .... .... raising his head .... infigge horns in the breasts of the slave ... SEI MIA! ! ! !
Rosa is inside the meat is pierced with not only the body but with his soul
Alessia: keep it locked so its horns .... sends them a fist in her wet slit and pushes until it is all inside
Rosa feels like stuck to a pole , stuck by his strength
Alessia: now you can enjoy ... The queen of the devil want .....
Rosa stiffen the muscles
Pink legs are in traction
Alessia : extract the hand .... the reinfila .... always speed through May
Rosa his mind is to enact something magnificent
Alessia: ..... I 'm into you ....
Alessia: forever
Alessia: you can not live without me
Rosa feels inside you , you gave it herself
Alessia: for I will have entered into with the beast
Alessia: with my poison
Alessia: with my heart
Rosa: I have all
Alessia : I am .... and I'll be your angel .... BLACK
Rosa: an angel to have it pulls down , I'll come with you
Alessia: the jumps to his mouth and bites her lips ... a violent kiss .... full of passion and bestiality
Alessia: clinging ....
Alessia : at my wings
Alessia: I'll take you where few come ....
Rosa wants to die so without the breath that will donate whenever she wants
Alessia: nooooo ...... s .. s .. s .. ssssssss .
Alessia: I will die ....
Alessia , but I'm not afraid ....
Rosa: in meadows of heaven we will never die
Alessia: I .... I will have my heirs .... forever
Alessia: Alexia can not die ....
Alessia: I'm already dead inside each of you
Alessia: I will always be your poison
Rosa and the poison will always be my
Alessia: a poison that does not kill
Alessia: a poison that is called passion
Alessia: passion slave
Alessia: strong
Alessia: proud
Alessia: fair
Alessia: what are my Cordediseta
Alessia whispers : quantooooooo ?
Rosa: every pore of me is yours
Alessia is not a game Cordediseta
Alessia: I'm really into entrandoti
Rosa never got to play
Alessia: watch me
Alessia: desiderami
Rose : You're really inside
Alessia: pretendimi
Alessia takes her chin on her hand . With the other touches of humor and gets wet fingers
Alessia: you can master ... even without hose ....
Rosa: you can dominate with red eyes
Alessia: when the hand and full of pleasure the door on her lips , opens like a fan ... approaching the face and kisses her through her ​​fingers ....
Rosa the sour taste of her the smells language
Rosa spirits rise up to the mind
Alessia then turns her head to one side and observes the grass ... now go .... I believe you .... now I have inside!

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