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The Valkyrie

Written by Alessia schiava di Djablo.

alexia Elcano he finds himself at the stake , says the master in your hair
valmont Vuissent approaches the pole ... look what I captured here .... approaching .. and takes facial alexia .... with a finger down her lip ... and watch your mouth ... . perfect teeth .... puts his hands cupped under her breasts .. and them weighing them up slightly , firm tits ... big ... approaching .. and puts a hand on the belt that holds the skirt

alexia ... the loose ... and drops her skirt , beautiful thighs ... full .. wide hips ....
alexia Elcano feels remove the skirt of rags
Master Calon .. I have heard that these women often use .. barbarous dye their hair ... we want to make a bet .. if the color is her .. or not? I opt for a more intense black ... what do you think ?
Calon Yoshikawa : and how to check it ?
valmont Vuissent : This is easy ... Now and then I'll show you ... you Madame Renee ? What do you say ? And you Sir Aleck ?
valmont Vuissent : forward ... you bet ...
Calon Yoshikawa : maybe checking other parts of the body
Renee Laloix : bet?
valmont Vuissent : I do not know if you followed
aleck Cooperstone : you say a more intense black ?
valmont Vuissent : exact Master Calon
aleck Cooperstone : no I do not think
valmont Vuissent : yes .. I would say that since her hair tend to red and I know that these women know barbaric strange tricks and weird cosmetics ... they told me that even know ... strange .. aphrodisiacs that pass ... uncertain areas of the body to make crazy ... but their men remain the color for the moment
valmont Vuissent : So Madame Renee ? What do you say ? Same hair color oh ..
alexia Elcano : You feel exposed scrutinized like a beast
Renee Laloix : I would say black
valmont Vuissent : Are you with me so ...
Elcano alexia : a walkiria not held
valmont Vuissent : Master Aleck ?
aleck Cooperstone : for me are clearer
valmont Vuissent meanwhile slipped two fingers into her bodice and the barbarous .. the tears away ... Hmmm ... I had seen it well ... firm tits .. no bones or leather tucked under to cheat the eyes of the gullible .. alexia takes a nipple and pulls firm flesh ...
alexia Elcano would bite the hand
valmont Vuissent : Do not you dare ... otherwise bring the bite for days .. I'm warning you ...
alexia Elcano snarls
valmont Vuissent shoves two fingers in the tiny cloth covering her crotch ... and pulls it off with a jerk .. dry .. apparently ..
alexia Elcano finds himself with gloves and boots
Almont Vuissent : we lost all ...
aleck Cooperstone : approaches and observes
valmont Vuissent : I had heard that these women barbaric .. sometimes ..
alexia Elcano leg raises as to protect
valmont Vuissent : remove all the hair from there ... instead often seems to make tribal tattoos make those parts ... gifts to the goddess of fertility and things like that ... but I do not see this ...

Calon Yoshikawa : approaches to observe
perhaps only the priestesses .. you are a priestess you? Ahh but I had seen bad ... the hair is .. maybe the little light ...
alexia Elcano : Once your face with a gesture of annoyance and does not respond
Calon Yoshikawa observe a black hair ...
valmont Vuissent : it is in fact ... apparently we've all seen how those who have opted for a black itenso ... puts two fingers in her cunt to the barbaric ... the runs well .. and then the extracts .. bringing them under your nose ...
alexia Elcano : bangs his head on the pole to escape
valmont Vuissent : .. mmmh .... curious aroma .... still thinking ... I will draw greater profit by selling you .. you as a slave to read a few wealthy merchant ?
Calon Yoshikawa sits
alexia Elcano : I will kill him by biting
valmont Vuissent : or giving you a few imperial member of the Senate ? always looking for new and different pleasures ....
alexia Elcano : if I am bound I will use my teeth
valmont Vuissent : well ...
alexia Elcano : to tear the meat with flavor
valmont Vuissent : I would say this will be a question of who will buy ... certainly not my interests me essentially that the merchandise .. you do not get too spoiled .. market ...
alexia Elcano : she kicked me and I came to surrender with dignity
valmont Vuissent : evil will not know what it is here above all that .. the dignity of prisoners of war
alexia Elcano : dignity is a razor-sharp knife that creeps when one least expects it the dignity it breaks sometimes , sometimes just a little ...
alexia Elcano : I am a Valkyrie flying over the battlefields on winged steeds to take the souls of the soldiers
valmont Vuissent : apparently .. I see your wings a little ' clipped now ... Lady of the Valkyries
alexia Elcano : I can always pull out my fighting spirit never died
valmont Vuissent : you can always try some ... remains to be seen ...
alexia Elcano : I'm not afraid
valmont Vuissent : If your blood is red like that of mere mortals ... or black like the poison that says you use it, but this ... is something we'll find out soon .. I think ... therefore I am referring to the Master Calon Vs. experience since ...
alexia Elcano : sways his head and biting his arm with extreme violence
valmont Vuissent : deprezzarla would be to mark it too ... how many shots .. think .. that may be suitable for ... give a tangible sign ... to teach her the meaning of the word submission?
Calon Yoshikawa : I see a tough sir Valmont
alexia Elcano : spits on the ground
valmont Vuissent : Let's see , maybe better save that for now shapely breasts in the darkness of the alcove in which it is intended .. less .. you'll probably notice some small scar below .. what do you think?
Calon Yoshikawa : the belly and thighs are usually very sensitive
valmont Vuissent : true ..
Calon Yoshikawa : and there are other means, for the breasts, leaving fewer signs
valmont Vuissent lengthens the whip camel skin ... and takes aim ...
alexia Elcano is an instant hit and tries to smile
valmont Vuissent : we'll see how long you smile valkiria .... so the whip does not make you afraid? Upload your arm .... I 've heard .. valkiria ?
alexia Elcano : lowers his head to hide the grimace of pain
valmont Vuissent : and this ?
alexia Elcano tries to repair itself as it can
valmont Vuissent : Hmmm .. I have to be more careful ... I'm coming too ... takes careful aim ...
alexia Elcano : the head collapses
alexia Elcano : watching him and looks at him with eyes of steel
valmont Vuissent approaches .. grabs her by the hair and pulls her head up ... hmmm .. even this expression of challenge in your eyes .. the blot
alexia Elcano : prefers a slave of little importance?
valmont Vuissent : the rich people of Karrasia love beautiful and hot women in bed .. but not those who use their teeth .. especially where they should not .... : P
alexia Elcano : one without pride?
valmont Vuissent : ohh no ... absolutely not ...
alexia Elcano : the hunter wants to be a flea or a tiger
valmont Vuissent : the tiger I have to admit .. I try very tempts me to break it
alexia Elcano : then accept his roars instead of moaning
valmont Vuissent : bend the claws and finally .. make me a rug with her skin
alexia Elcano : I will not ask mercy
valmont Vuissent : I want to hear you beg for mercy ... this slave .. we'll see ....
alexia Elcano : in many years I never asked harbor pride with signs of battle
valmont Vuissent : hmm .. it seems tougher than it seemed at first Master Calon approach is not it ? More by this time already .. they would be screaming .. from her .. just a face ...
Calon Yoshikawa : l I said that is a tough nut to crack
alexia Elcano : I propose a pact of blood
valmont Vuissent : we feel ^ ^
alexia Elcano : I will be her ... if she will keep my neck ... only in this case will serve as a slave
valmont Vuissent : it is tempting as a proposal
alexia Elcano : My character is a battle
valmont Vuissent : who assures me you will not try to escape at the first opportunity .. ? .. If you do not
alexia Elcano : the joy of being ....
valmont Vuissent : you will always leave the chain ?
alexia Elcano : his blanket
valmont Vuissent : yum ... interesting ...
alexia Elcano : with fire and heat that runs through my veins full of molten lava if I sell I will kill the buyer and I will return to ride the prairies

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