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Written by Babette schiava di Djablo.


With my open eyes, in a dark room, I look at the ceiling without seeing it. My eyes read my soul like the lines of a book, it follow one another faster when the plot becomes exciting . Time flows like a river in flood , and I did not realize the anxiety and the wait make it all far-fetched.
I'm a slave, I'm bitch i search around with my hand, yes my master is near me, at my side. stretch a hand search of my Master who , at my side, he sleep peacefully and does not realize the whirlwind of emotions that surround his preferred slut. But his presence helps me and makes me aware and quivering.
A few more hours, little time .. afterward ... then I get up, I get ready, I have to be perfect, my skin must enact clean scent it must be soft to the touch, my hands must shine with the colors of the rainbow, my feet are the mirror of my truth, my hair must shine of light and my pussy remain naked under essential clothes. this is what he wants and this is what I will give him. tomorrow, he will be not alone and he will be proud of me, of his bitch.
A shiver runs down my back, I know where It will lead me, i know that it will be risky, I know that we will not be safe within the walls but that everything will take place where anyone can get and that makes me tremble. It's strange I'm not afraid, but I shudder, my body gets wet and relentless breath shortens ...
Why? I distress and I turn myself, I imagine scenes that i don't know even if it will come true, I think about what would happen if someone approached to me they are not aware of what is happening, I imagine their faces, I feel my heart pounding, and I turn again. Then another, maybe he give the whip to another one of his friends than like to play with my body as would play with a puppet, instinctively seeking the contact of my body with that of my Master, is he so wishes and if he so wishes I wish it with him, but perhaps it is not yet time and it will not, but if it does I will be able .....? Yes I will be because he is with me and he knows what to do. Regarding the ceiling without seeing the lines of the book and continue to run fast, a smile and then ... and then darkness ... sound what is it? the alarm .... the alarm sounds .... it's time I turn it off and I get up in the twilight of a day that comes and everything starts.


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