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I want

Written by Djablo Master.

"I do not want a slave, I want the slave." Remember these words? Now while I tie your wrists and I twist a rusty steel chain around your neck I repeat: I want, I demand all. You'll be my bitch, my beast. I will go with you to steal every bit of your human presence and make it mine forever. I will use every inch of your body at my will giving you pain and pleasure. Each your holes will be desecrated and they will belong to me permanently. You will not feel pain because You belong to me and I will no feel it. You will crawl and undermines you will caress the earth in search of humiliation. You'll feel exposed maybe sold but you will never be alone because I'll be inside of you to give you the strength to be superior to everyone in your perverse act of give you. I'll paint abstract tongues of fire with a whip, bite your flesh to make you dance in a mad dance obscene. I will be the steel with which you'll sculpt your character of bitch. A whore for the king of the hellworld in which you decided to sink. I'll tie your body to give it the desired shape by me and show you as an ikebana to a drooled look of incompetents . Woman, bitch and beast you'll always be my ring's seal on the fact that fire of which you will feed yourself. I will know for you, I will see for you, I'll decide how, when, where, with whom. You servant of my passion you can not deny any of what you need to me. This covenant no allow second thoughts, does not admit "but" or "if". You'll read forever it, you'll imprint in your memory and never you will deny it, why will end. If you close the ring you will be mine forever and my hand will hold the chain that binds you to the destiny, the seal of the devil in me will rely on your meat giving you all the love that feeds the slave. I will be your steel armor and the key to your haunting belong to me.


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