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Written by Alessia schiava di Djablo.

I 'm tied on all fours and await my fate . I see nothing , I was blindfolded , locked, and deprived of any defense. I can only hear the noises . I'm convicted , I do not know why I'll be impaled . I wonder stupidly , as if to dispel the certainties , which hole will receive attention. What is the way of my punishment . I'm surprised of how the mind tries to defend myself knowing that everything will be useless. The penalty is the suffering of the body, not the pleasure . My certainties become significant when I feel the saliva , slides between the ass roundness to find the way to my next pain. Some fingers creep into my sphincter , it is dilate slightly , prepare it to a very different introduction . I feel hot tears up my meat now . Dilate my toes as to scream through the gesture that I can do. I'm petrified , rigid , mute . I miss your breath to scream. I do not want ! The meat comes into me without restraint it sinks with decision, it never ends. I see myself in medieval fantasies , I am impaled by Executioner with mallet strokes while the sinking pole my bowels are torn. my gut explodes burning me inside. I clench my teeth , I breath air , I puffed angrily , I'm gaped. Some hands encircle my hips . Grab me and all of a sudden the post enters me and guts , scream from the pain. Then the emptiness  takes over me. no, it is inside me again. I feel insane . In&out , fire&air , delirium and flames inside my belly. I'm possessed, I'm caught, torn. My soul is wrapped by the blows of an infernal hammer. I do not enjoy what I see and feel that is open, retracted, wide open. I'm an obscene vision now. strangers's eyes looking into me. ointments alleviate my anal hole. my flesh is manipulated, it is no longer mine. I am sinful woman, I am offering as sumptuous prey for the beast that will mount me. I am sinful woman, I will offer as sumptuous prey for the beast that will mount me. I believe that everything is finished when a new relentless push enter inside me. I can not resist more, I want to scream and I would escape but a hand is violating me mercilessly. Pushes deeply and claw my flesh. I I faint from the pain. I wake up after few minutes completely exhausted and obscenely open. I feel naked as never before, like a carnal flower a rose blossomed. I prey ... like a bitch in heat, after crying and screaming, i smile of my perversion now. I would like to see me in the transformation, I would like to see the pole go out of my mouth, I wish ... I wish ... yet.

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