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the flight

Written by Babette schiava di Djablo.

Notes of a journey into the Master and Sub relationship, the evolution of depravity, into a vortex between the erotic and the madness, a love without boundaries and without taboo ...

1/7/2011 - The Master

Several times I wonder what are your fantasies, bitch! I would like to be the master of them, make them my own to carry them on you and give you a complete sense in this report that in some ways you disavow. I noticed than you was excited when you have commented a picture. several time you highligthed its beauty. I wonder what was your fantasizing about it. I ask you the truth here now, publically.

5/7/2011 - The Slave



I wonder questions and i reflect on what he tells me, i'm inscrutable at times, maybe it 's true, or maybe it's just a way to not overreach groped to not go over to extremes. I made a comment on a photo, and that it has sparked ?
rightly curiosity to you , a desire to know what actually I can think about the  pissing.
it is right that your curiosity will be satisfied, it shall have the right, I see it as a new practice even if in fact such an experience I was forced to do it some time ago, but in that case I was not to receive it. If you want I'll tell you in person.
it Whet me, intrigues me and excite me, this is the effect that makes me when i think about it; even though in my imagination, I see it as a gradual thing that is before you get it directly in the mouth; i image this as a comic, I see myself kneeling blindfolded with a flow that wraps around my body as if from appropriating me. I feel the warmth that slip on my skin but I'm absolutely serene and gratified, waiting to pass an another step. but this is a fantasy and i cannot decide nor the how nor the when you will decide whether and how to do it. i understand your fantasies, the fantasies about myself. I have fantasies, as I believe everyone, but it follow a different way . Before, they were focused on the dream man who was such that he had courage to tie me or  to come out of the frames of my mind.
I see that man now, i feel it and i love he.
Therefore my fantasies often turn toward him and toward what I might feel if ... give an example , my fantasy of a short time ago , he was sitting on the bench in the shop and he looked at me when he smoking in the darkness, I could see the red glow of the tobacco which is fired in a cigarettte pull.
I was in the bathtub and I was washing , my imagination is coming here, you got up and you approach to me. you take a chain and  leash me  :) and treat me as a beast. Maybe it is a trivial fantasy but that gives me a strong sense of excitement. I do not like to talk about these fantasies because I am convinced in my heart to be able to influence you and instead my desire is to see you for what is and for what you want.for better or for worse, I think than I'm beginning to know myself I feel a different person but it feels more complete. I feel the need for certain things now; the traditional sex is strange now, i want more i want other sensations, I need to feel a physical and emotional involvement, i need to feel your strength . I miss ropes and whips , I miss the hand that marks my body.
i miss this from Sunday because I see my skin clear and I know that is missing something  on my skin. Maybe I'm crazy suddenly but this is what I feel and it is right that you know this.
Your slave


8/7/2011 - The Master

Everything will come in due time and in due manner. I do not like situations prepared as theatrical script. There will be surprise, and I know when my bitch ??is ready, maybe I've also learned to read in her eye. you will condition nothing and  I will make anything about what you have described, and i will keep secret it  for obvious privacy reasons. There will be a time when you'll feel as a really bitch, you will be chained and naked, but never, and I repeat never, you will be helpless. The signs of the whip and your screams are my strength and my passion, the shots will come too suddenly when my mind will be aware of being in perfect balance between clarity and tranquility. all is so hazy and confused now, the anger can take me and i will make you hurt. It is not the behavior that the slave expect from own master, so i wisely temporized
you know, your flesh is mine and I will decide how, when and where.


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