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My master

Written by Babette schiava di Djablo.

I decided long ago to share my life with you . I should have realized , I aim to the final result . Thou art my only reason for living, this may never have a doubt. I WILL WISH and at this point, PRETEND YOU !
No person that they fall for a long time , true is not a good time, but it is not for anyone, not just for me . I will be as slow as a dinosaur but I have all the power and now I intend to release it all .
These days I have not been peaceful, happy and maybe we facets to my character I will never be peaceful . No one , least of all me you 'll change . I do not know if I give you as much or little I know at the moment is that I can give without exemption . The latest events have made me believe and understand that I can not have that many and I 'm inorgogliendo this , as it is right now the time has come to be proud to be with you. I will be envied for it. I will defend this . I hate you and I will love him as he hates and loves something he cares too much.
I'm chained to feel it. I wanna hear you shaking like a leaf , not of fear but of emotion. Of all this you will be a slave and you will always be strong enough to protect the chain that combines gold and steel.
If you expect me to be something quiet , forget it even now . Now I'm a spark abandoned to the wind. Expect to find the straw to ignite and unleash all its power and its heat . As a warrior, proud to bring you the signs of a thousand battles , with the same pride , now I want to burn in the sea of your eyes that talk, sing and scream . It will be the apocalypse , it will be us.
djablo Master
My lips groping in the air, trying the contact, that contact is essential , vital parted like the bud of a rose that shows the first color . The frantic trying his, felt too close but not close enough , and when the heat of his breath touched withdrew decided , almost cruel ... and laughed . My eyes were closed but I could see it, that wry smile , pleased ... a sweet and terrible torture .
I dropped my head back in the renunciation of a vain attempt to reach and I felt those lips , my neck back as far at least , scroll down his cheek and ear hairline stop .
" I want the Devil? " I asked softly .
That request came clear , firm, strong , overbearing .... I trembled and did not answer .
I felt it to run his hand over my hair to the nape of the neck , grab them , pull them tighten them until I open my eyes, I had no choice I looked at him and I got lost in her eyes fixed on mine ... I gasped .
" I want the Devil? " took a firmer voice that brooked no non-response , "I want you ," I said without looking up , but I soon realized the error, I was impudent was not my right to want to be desired but I could not want , do not I corrected myself , I had no the courage to do so.
He felt my tension , I was sure , and perhaps it was for this reason that flew over the error , he continued to look at me and his eyes grew more intense every moment "go in the room, on the bed , naked ," a moment's pause , a fraction of a second " on his knees, hands behind his head ... head down and wait for me ." My senses were in turmoil , chills , emotion, desire ... I sighed a little ' shaky . He could feel everything, every little movement every thought, let me hair accompanying the movement that reached to caress his face, smiled at me but her voice was categorical "go" .
I got up without stopping to think , I reached the room without looking back at him once , I did not have the courage , I stood to the side of the bed only for a moment , I could not back out now , I did not back out now . Took off my clothes and climbed on the bed on his knees with his back to the wall and looked at his face to the front door . I took his hands behind his head, wove his fingers almost that gesture would give me security , I lowered my head , closed my eyes and waited.
I did not feel cold, but I was shaking , I tried to understand the noises that arrived from the next room - what he was doing - I heard the water running and then a noise that I could not define , expected.
Then the steps they reached the room , calm and unhurried apparent while I broke his heart.
I was ashamed ? No it was not shame was nervousness , impatience, fear for what does not yet know , and that day I began to understand .
He put something on the dresser but I did not dare open my eyes to see what it was, then walked over to me and sat behind me. "You're beautiful ," he said wrapping me in a hug that broke all doubt.
He had something in his hand , I could feel it on my bare skin , and I knew that he was wearing his pants brushed my buttocks .
I immediately knew what it would take in hand , without moving , I pulled on a blindfold . I tried to open them but I saw nothing but darkness and had a tremor .
He rose and took something on the dresser came close to me and a leather scent invaded my mind .
I savored , a sweet and bitter that even now I can hear .
He slipped on my neck that scent and also became a contact, I knew , that was what I would have changed was the collar that marked my belonging to him.
More lowered his head to enable him to tie it and held back a tear, I could explode, I was proud , happy but it was just the beginning.
Again walked away from me for a moment and when he came back he grabbed her hands , made me lower my arms behind his back and clasped my position with circles cold .
CLACK the click of the closing handcuffs gave me the certainty ... now I was his and no one would have dared to stop it.
Stands still wrapped in the totality of my thoughts and my feelings , I said nothing , I could not say anything , I tried to imagine and imagine him , his gestures , his intentions .
A thought came forward overbearing , the memory of the phone call the day before, I ran a shiver down my spine , I was understanding .
" You know," I said into the phone , " I can not get you from me and cold , without involvement and may feel a what you do not know , then the day will come that you will receive a phone call in which I ask you to prepare and from that moment you will know that I have in hand. "
A sigh I went violent and arrogant enough to make me tremble , a fleet of thoughts wrapped my mind .
" What I'll try " I was wondering , " I measure up ? , I can leave and carry on that damn intriguing world ? " . And I realized , no, I could not realize that in fact there was already entered , with extreme confidence that he had already begun his work .
I was angry that morning , I was expecting the arrival of that phone call , but no, it was a normal call as above any other innervosii and I did not understand and while my mind was already catapulted over , yes, beyond that insurmountable wall of his experience, he was not even me and I realized this .
But there, still waiting, bound and blindfolded , everything was clearer in the dark and lit the light of understanding , I smiled to myself.
The warmth of the touch of his hands on my body turned me from my thoughts flow , stroking me , touching me everywhere and I was helpless ... but alive !
Sitting behind me , I pressed a hand between his shoulder blades and made me recline your torso forward by keeping the kiss and accompanying gently lifted my descent until his cheek rested not on the mattress.
Kneeling and fully stretched forward risultai extremely exposed , offered to him just like a rose that bloomed , cut off, waiting in the hands of those who have learned his fate.
The excitement enveloped me , engulfed me in all its intensity and , moment by moment , poured into me sparks of pleasure, fear and awareness.
"Relax " he said, and while his hands explored my sex that gave merciless to his caresses giving him the juice of passion.
Excited and with heart pounding with the pelvis tried to accommodate the movement of his hand, but he did not flinch . I stretched it , torn between the desire to explode and lose myself in the pleasure and the desire to remain lucid in order to impress upon every single moment of that experience.
And I realized that there was something else that touched my skin , something that came from him pushed inside my femininity , extending its boundaries and riempiendone the essence . I did not know what it was , I just knew something was not carnal , but a large object , I imagined , but only later I learned that it was a huge dildo in latex.
" Tell me if it hurts too much and I stop " ... Evil? No, what I felt was not pain , it was pleasure , an intense pleasure , the pleasure of transgression and abandonment.
A force lifted my body , made ​​me turn towards him, stroked my cheek and , guiding my movements , made me put straddling him.
I could see nothing but the hearing had to confront perfectly absence of vision.
A rattling , and then a ' else , his fingers closed around a nipple which reacted immediately and lasted upwards, creating the necessary space so that he could apply one of the two clamp . Same thing for the Grim nipple.
Now you , now felt that pain, that vise that enveloped my breast. I was afraid that object given my perhaps excessive sensitivity at that point. But he was there , was present and continued to stroke giving me more and more that confidence and strength that , for a moment, just one, faltered.
He knew , I think, because he let his penis slip inside me , and my mind was distracted by a stronger feeling of pain.
It was at that moment that grabbed the chain that connected the two clamps with one hand and with the other my head , pulled towards each other up and down and he continued to move inside of me.
" Bite her and sends back of the head " ... I did and the pain gradually increased . "Still ," I could not breathe , and I pulled more and more the pliers strengthened their hold and the more he accelerated his movement . Pain and pleasure merged into one thing, water and fire, light and shadow.
A dense and intense then just pleasure , the light lit up my eyes , a key freed my hands , looked at me grabbed his collar and pulled me if ... we made love like never before.
(more. . )
I received a gift, the most precious , the most beautiful, the most true. A gift that makes you lose any item because of light shines brighter than the sun itself.
I received the power of passion , the heat of the fire, the sweetness of a caress, the freedom to love and be loved .
Sitting next to my Master listened to the fascinating timbre of his voice, kidnapped by his presence that most of discourse intercorrevano between him and a friend.
I had my collar , for the first time could wear a tangible sign of my bond with him freely in front of someone who did not know, but he knew that for me too.
A crazy feeling , that dazzles the dark , the darkness becomes light .
His hand touched mine , he spoke but his presence gave me , pulled me in and if you put me in my place.
His dog was in his place , I, his bitch , I could lick the hands of my master I could stay at his feet and rejoice in my freedom.
I waited under the rays of the sun the movements of him , expecting that the chain was playing his music with the anxiety of a dog that has made the holidays.
And then the sound came clear to fill the soul .
The hand of my master stripped of clothes but I got dressed awareness and pride , and his bitch gave him unqualified to be carried away on the wings of the wind and melt into him like gold and steel, proud to show this link to someone .
I got tongues of fire on my bare skin and the strings marked my wrists but never at that moment I felt free , as ever in that moment I felt so strong union with my Master . I loved him and I love God knows how strong this feeling, but every blow received , every humiliation felt any violations suffered, made ​​me feel proud , alive and Donna! I , his bitch , I belong to him and now I could really demonstrate , my desire for submission, my devotion and my love.

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