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The duel

Written by Alessia schiava di Djablo.

A Master chooses a theme and puts two women in quarrel between them in front of each other, as in a sort of Indian duel but played with words. The purpose is to find pleasure from a defeat , in the specific be viewed as a reconciliation between the two women in quarrel between them. The result is this mental and verbal fight that actually lead to an unexpected result as it is rich in values, good read :

Alessia: Abandoned in the regret of memories
Rosa: with the air that cuts through those moments
Alessia: I look for the reasons of my loneliness
Rosa: overlap her emotions
Alessia: I dive in tears
Rosa: seeking shelter in the night
Alessia: I wrap myself in torment
Rosa: turning off remorse that are mixed with truth breathless
Alessia : I try to kill the pride
Rosa: I know that will be reborn , but I'll know to keep it away
Alessia: can not overpower my selfishness
Rose : I'll be stronger than the weaknesses that will sap from such errors
Alessia: I will be more than the pleasure of victory
Rosa: I will be stronger in the semblance of defeat
Alessia: I will find joy in lowering the head to have understanding
Rosa: I will find even more strength in the birth of a new day
Alessia: I will bend my pride until forget myself for a love
Rosa: and for a love that I know it will be back
Alessia: it is a love that I know loose and find joy in doing so
Rosa: it is that sensation of  truth that will allow me to bow and say , I am there
Alessia: I ...
Alessia : I have never run away
Rosa: and telling her that there will never be an 'I'
Alessia: I had always with me
Rosa: you were and will always be with me
Alessia: reflections of the same gem
Rosa: which one is dazzled in the Dark
Alessia: reflections light up the dark sides of our characters to make them unique in an alloy full of passion
Rosa: in our dark sides we will always find our poison
Alessia: you need to have large wings to fly in the mountains of oblivion
Rosa: flights of fancy that will never be Pindaric, for the emotions that propel them up
Alessia: indicates an indefinite point where a hypothetical shining star, there maybe ... we will stop . There maybe our pride will give us the joy of no longer exist . Up there will be a god and peace.
Rosa: we will go up there and never to die
Alessia: stories of passion and torment immortal in the memories of real people
Rosa: as real tears that run through the skin of our faces
Alessia: there can be no duel between us, there will never be a winner , because we will be able to enjoy the pleasure of defeat
Djablo : congratulations to both
Djablo : I'm proud
Djablo : but this sentence
Djablo : said point
Djablo : do you agree ?
Fenix ​​: really good
Hugo : I'm speechless
Djablo : they are one soul
Djablo : two people united in
Djablo : and only fools will not appreciate it
Fenix ​​: you pulled out your vital essence and you have merged together
Alessia keeps her eyes in the female
Alessia and whispers : we belong each other now
Rosa is penetrated by that look and nods
Alessia is the act of kissing
Rose approaches the lips
Tanja Roxley : Alexia compliments and Ropes
Alessia: penetrates it with the tip of the tongue
Rose feels the warmth that had never lost
Alessia: ssssssssss.sssssssssssssssss .... ssssssss
Alessia like a snake enters into her bowels
Rosa takes the taste of the poison vigor
Alessia's tongue comes out of the vulva
Rosa is crossed all
Alessia: lightning , turns and laying on pleasure
Pink welcomes the
Alessia closes the ring for the last time , the ring of a hypothetical collar that if removed will eviscerate her
Rosa is a closed ring now and forever
Alessia takes her head , moves it to her womb , observes the neck and draws the veil of hair
Rosa leaned feel the caress of her as a sign of his increasingly
Alessia reacts defensively to protect his source of emotions : I'm hungry for them, this is your slavery to me.
Rosa encapsulated in that protection is strong and gives all the excitement at its disposal
Alessia tears off his clothes, and with a fingernail affects the blood in a design on the back
Rose does not see but that 's those signs , draw the mark of her
Alessia Rocks the head , pull the canines : is the head of a wolf ...
Rose feels the warmth that comes close to his body
Alessia sinks its teeth on his neck, not to hurt but to convey its determination
Rosa feels sink her teeth into the flesh that had need of that sap
Alessia: one of us must have the instinct of wolves , the other the instinct of protection and support to those who track the paths to the moon
Rosa thinks that in that path will trace their history
Alessia: whooping .. mind, disordered mind .... only .. mind ..
Rosa : only
Alessia: hauntingly
Rosa: impressively
Alessia: daughters of one destiny toward the valleys of oblivion will travel by magic between dream and reality
Rosa: daughters of a tenebrarum , will cross borders uncommon
Alessia: daughters of a memory now dead and ready to rebirth as sgoragate from the sources of the highest peaks where the crystals of light can blind the sun
Rosa: through those minerals will find the strength to continue even in the difficulties to build the story
Alessia: a never ending story ...........................................
Djablo : Alexia if you do not finish that book by unmounting
Alessia: I'm doing master
Alessia: I just have to free your mind
Alessia: notes on the imagination
Alessia: the mind to ride the emotional wave that I find in my mood
Alessia: I need calm moods and even twisted
Alessia: sorrows and joys
Alessia: sensitivity to touch my
Alessia and give her the sound of a harp
Alessia: a picture is torment
Alessia: or joy
Alessia: or pride
Alessia : a music
Alessia is movement and imagination
Alessia: but
Alessia: a defeat
Alessia : it can be the sweetest of victories
Djablo : it is more difficult to admit defeat
Djablo : but it is also a gesture of enormous honor , which transforms it into a victory.

Thanks to Rosa , alias Cordediseta in Second Life

O&A - All rights reserved 


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