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Written by Alessia schiava di Djablo.

Guilty! Yes, i'm guilty of impure acts. I await my "punishment" naked and deprived of sight. I listen unconsciously of the noise and i sniff the smells sour of wet rock. I tremble, I would like to run away but I'm catapulted into my extreme humiliation condemned to suffer the shame of caning. My flesh will be ripped but not as much as my pride, it is guilty of having commit ​​mistakes.

I am waiting for my flogger, i will offer my skin to martyrdom, i will offer myself at the ardent tongue of the whip, I will fall exhausted under its kisses, of course .
I do not have to ask for mercy or forgiveness.
I lay down my fear to the sadistic act of punisher. I am sure of my guilt as the energy that he will give to whip me.
I'm Barefoot. my feet caress the bare and dirty ground. I feel like a beast, panting, and I just hope to understand why this is happening. Inside the hood, which gives me the dark, I see my shame and because of this I am guilty. Suddenly my wrists are locked, my body is raised, it shakes like a pendulum. A whistle announces the first kiss. Fire engulfs me and from my source begins to flow the pleasure of a bitch amber. Wash my shame, purify it with fire so I can be free of suffering for the sublime pleasure that gives the blame. A slim cut, a steel blade whipping my body with passion and abandon.


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