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Written by Alessia schiava di Djablo.

I gone down by the van bandaged and tied up to the wrists . The morning air was fizzy and it was as to receive a slap in full face. It was the dawn of a summer day in one work day in a place that I would not know . I was taken there with a very specific purpose : to discover my animal being.

Soon I felt tugging and then I was made ​​to support a tree. There I was completely stripped and soon my bare feet kissed the rough damp ground. I waited for a command, the temperature despite the season was hard , I could not see and I was getting used to " see" with the hearing when I felt my mouth filled by a ball .

" A bitch does not speak,  she express herself by gestures , she let do understand "

These are the emphatic words of my Master . I was excited , I felt just a beast and this was immediately noticed as my nipples were fitted with two clamps with bells . I knew I was not alone so I was pretty quiet . Ping announcing that I had been put on a leash. The Master began to go into the woods oblivious that I was barefoot and faticassi not just in walking. Soon I felt the pain derived from the rubbing of some brambles on my skin. Emettevo plaintive mooing , but the master is not paused on his way. The leaves of the branches whipped my flesh at every step.

" On all fours now "

The dry tone left no room for any hesitation . Run and I found myself crawling like a baby. The temperature made ​​me sweat and some insects began to find something to bite . After a few meters knees were already torn . I remember that terrible incuneavano pebbles rolled into the meat making me wince . The path was not easy nor short , and now the "cat " of the brambles came everywhere, not just in the legs. Suddenly , a tug stops me trembling legs. I come relieved and made ​​place with his back to a tree quite large. Mi is removed the ball from the mouth and remain there, in a state of waiting unconscious . Noise , hiss fill my imagination. I feel the master close but I do not know what he's doing . Soon my mouth welcomes a rope. A round, two, three , and my head is locked to the shaft. I'm confused , drooling like a beast. The location is tiring . But not enough, my ankles are apart, my sex opens. The air fills .
A state of anxiety comes over me , cold sweat . The silence is broken by the sounds of the forest and the repeated crack of a whip vacuum . I fear the worst and get ready . The minutes pass without anything happening cha . The noises are sadistically insightful . I would like to see but I can not . I want to touch but they are tied up, obscenely wide open. I would like him, but do not feel it . All of a sudden here again her scent , and suddenly my belly gets hot.
I feel his urine colarmi him , his smell . Rivulets of small streams that draw heat on my flesh. The smell around me , now the sun begins to burn and sudo . The tastes and smells mingle to reborn silent moving of the greenwood . The smell and the wait. The ropes , mouth open as sex , tiredness and the fear that he may be far away . The smell becomes stinks ... smells like fear. The emptiness of his absence on my soul burns like the sun to me is melting in the smell of the beast. They spend endless minutes , only the sounds of nature , my skin dripping dl sun rays that penetrate through the foliage of the trees. The smell is almost nauseating . I think I acted. Nothing and no deaf noise only interrupted by the rustling of the branches.

The strings sawing the corners of my mouth. The ground beneath her ​​bare feet is pungent and humid. The smells are amplified . The fear takes hold of me. After a few hours of hell quell'insano hear voices come apart. They entered deeper and deeper into my soul , they approached and commented that for them it was just a depraved whore ! I terrorizzai between them when I heard the voice of my master . The strangers approached ... their comments were more explicit and derogatory :

" Smell you , this bitch is pissing their pants in fear "

soon their hands began to inspect my body . Panting at every unexpected twist . I screamed when my nipples were twisted violently. I grit my teeth to suppress the pain but they sank into the ropes invading my mouth . Suddenly a hand dived in my sex digging into it with little delicacy . A dull noise of moods soon invaded the silence. " Feel like this bitch gets wet , I feel like a nice mounts" said one of the two strangers . I was excited and scared at the hands of strangers completely blocked and obscenely offer.

"Would you like a bitch ... but maybe not worth the pleasure if not earlier treated as it should be ."

" Yes, you're right this slut must be beaten "

I had signs of revolt in listening immediately muted the strings that sometimes cut my flesh . In short, I shouted with all my strength . I think a belted reached my breasts . The flesh was burning, I began to tremble and moan incoherently and prevented her gag . In slow succession received at least a dozen shots in almost any area of the body. Lacrimai and sobbed , his head broke the pain was my skin .

" Look what I found on the ground, is just right for us "

I wondered which of the two atrocities they were talking about . I asked him where he was . I wondered if everything was pre agreed . I wondered why I was masochistic . Why bitch .

" Let's free I want his ass well exposed to give her a nice little service ."

So it was that I was first melted and then tied by ropes with his head stuck at the base of the tree. My legs were spread and ankles tied so I could not ondularmi on myself . The nose and mouth pressed to the ground between wet blades of grass and the unmistakable smell of the soil. I was a beast domabile . A piece of meat with which the butchers could have fun. A series of hissing noises broke my thinking.

" Battiamola with this cord , what do you think ? "

I winced at the sound of their design sadist.

" Not a little scream ... "

"A few well-aimed shots , but then we turn away , just to hear what voice he had in his body this bitch."

I did not have time to listen to it on the buttocks came the first blow. A sharp pain as if I had been cut to pieces. I screamed with all my might . Early in slow succession my body was battered . I cried , I cried I prayed those who do not know. But they unaware of the excruciating pain impartitomi continued laughing and gloating of the unusual possibility had. As I writhed in pain , I kept wondering where he was. All of a sudden I lost consciousness and they stopped . I woke up when a stream of urine hit my face . One of them I was pissing in the face and the other on the wounds that had to be abundant on my ass . They walked away laughing , leaving me tied to land full of piss, as everything was part of a specific pattern . I stood there at least an hour. The urine had dried in the sun and my body gave off the smell of shame. Noises of all kinds wrapped my thinking. Naked , marked waited for the return of my Master. I imagined everything , the fear was torturing me , the wait I was folding all resistance . Suddenly I heard branches breaking. It was him. Without a word I partially freed from the strings to the mouth and the position in which I was for a long time .

" You smell like bitch, you smell like piss and sex"

Meanwhile, I heard these words I was made ​​to put on all fours . He followed me and soon I felt pushed into my body. I was taking behind . Its huge sex was pushing , divaricating tearing my sphincter. A hand forced me face to the ground so that the basin remained high for the promotion of its lunge. I was open , I was shaking but the flesh came merciless in me. I was torn with strictly. I was screaming and crying but the relentless Master continued to fuck my ass careless of his beast. At times my body tensed , I was sweating and groaning in pain. The pleasure was his one and damn her . The beast was pumping his prey , sinking his claws into the wounds and drove as if impalarmi up out of the mouth. I was his was his hole. Helpless and raped in the guts . The knees and hands were plowing the ground under his blows . Now the channel was open , and destroyed the movement had become even more brutal.

" There you are satisfied in your essence ... bitch brutalized ... open ... taken without restraint! "

His words made ​​me moan with pleasure , they were my drug of the moment , my lubricant. I opened myself more and I showered so much as to hear noises unspeakable . I was taken , raped deep in my body. I was his beast to assemble. He was panting and enjoyed my humiliation and my pleasure to experience everything . The mount was as endless and when he took off it seemed to me that it was deprived of a part of my flesh .

" Now bitch on her knees in front of me "

I stood up trembling and I asked myself before him with his arms behind his back. He forced his penis on my lips, the unfolded and I greeted him in the mouth. In the meantime, he fumbled with my nipples by tying them with a tiny rope . nipples were tight so cruel almost torn the rope let her pass behind his legs so that his penis was always forced into my mouth and every setback procure an unbearable pain in the nipples . " opens the sewer that I enjoy." I nodded with his head and his mouth full. I remember his thrusts were taken to get deep in the oral cavity, sorting gagging and choking . Lacrimavo but helpless I suffered her sex and her taste in me. More and more an object of pleasure and pain. Bitch I had to get pleasure from my suffering. Nipple twisting painfully and my hole was once again invaded by his meat hot and throbbing . Suddenly his body stiffened , my penis sank into the esophagus and a warm gush surprised me. Strabuzzai eyes and instinctively I coughed . He took off oblivious to the rope , I thought I had lost a nipple. From my mouth sbuzzò out part of his pleasure . Impressive number , I was invaded ... I made to bring the hands to the face , but he me He blocked me and the poses by way of the basin under his chin.

" Now you can make my particular pleasure out of your mouth "

He wanted sputassi his cum on hands collection . I did satisfying his perversion , very slowly. From my mouth fell a cascade of white thick cream and hot . Was deposited on the open hands ... I watched him timidly , as if to ask what to do. Our eyes met questioning each other. I could not stand to look at those eyes I decided to lie . Not that there was nothing to say, I looked down and humbly licked the cum from my hands until they were empty , only then handed her his control shamefully looking towards the ground.

"Good job bitch, you did what you had to "

He hung up the carabiner and yanked me to follow him ...


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