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Song for Cthulhu

Written by H.P. Lowecraft.

Retrieved from Necronomicon di H.P. Lowecraft

Song to Cthulhu

The great Cthulhu has come from the Chaos.
Endless eras have been being departed for that day,
eoni without end they are consumed since then
but he is not allowed us to forget there.
That day the Door of the void opened and from the spaces the great Cthulhu expresses he revealed.
As a disgust above us , we knew him :
Its voice was similar to whirlwind of wind,
Its breath it was pestilence ,
the noise of its footstep was as that of the great waters,
the whirlwind of its wings it brought in the heart the anguish of the crypt.
That day there the diabolic Chaos and his powers he was revealed,
that day we saw the arts of the Chaos come down in the middle of us .
From that day our world was not the same anymore,
From that day our world was not our anymore.
The great Cthulhu has come from the Chaos.

Blasphemous divinity is gentleman of the depth.

But the Earth would not bear his obscene weight .
The living swearword that was the city of his infamous people ,
the horrendus burrow of the monsters his worshippers
It was shaken from the foundations.
In an only night , in an only day terrible
in rapid turn
all sank into the mud , all was destroyed , all was submerged
by the great ocean .
Blasphemous god has not abdicated however its rights ,
the infamous god has taken possession of a new kingdom ,
the infamous god has  done its the dark abyss of the ocean :
Here it reigns endless and he doesn't take care of the ages passed ,
Here reigns hidden and it observes in silence .
Blasphemous divinity is gentleman of the depth.
The diabolic scorpion sleeps in R'lyeh .

Since then Cthulhu the blaspemer in his grave in R'lyeh ,
since then sleeps under the enormous stone as a Scorpio under a stone,
since then the obscene dead body meditates and waits
buried among algae parassité and greenish muds,
surrounded by the ciclopiches ruins of his obscene R'lyeh ,
had been covering for the eternal night of the great sea ,
forgotten in the abyss without time of the great waters .
There as an diabolic scorpio the great Cthulhu prepares him to strike .
The diabolic scorpio sleeps in R'lyeh .
Lord of the Sun that dies is not dead in the depth.
Watch the sun set in the desert :
it seems that coop dying in the sky
and verses all of its blood bathing the sky and the earth of red.
When the cold wind of the night arrives the sun is dead
but later the day revives to new life.
Be careful or foolish !
Beware you of to believe that the infamous blasphemy is usual in the depth.
Lord of the Sun died lies in his grave from immemorial eras,
the lord of the sun died in his grave  dreams and attends.
Lord of the Sun that dies is not dead in the depth.
It is not dead which he can forever attend.
With fear and terror we understood,
with pain and anguish we learned.
The infamous dead body in its grave was not dead,
the god gone down in the crypt under the waters had overcome the death,
the great Cthulhu had made of putrefaction his body
and with this body that the body is not it continued its existence of Chaos.
He has overcome the death and it doesn't have anything to fear :
It is now there in the dark without time that waits,
Is now there in the silence without life that meditates,
It is now there that  somehow , he continues to live.
It doesn't have hurry to reach his purposes.
It doesn't have anything to fear and he can wait forever :
he knows that its time will come.
It is not dead which he can forever attend.
With the passing of strange eras even the death can die.
Centuries without end the Tenant of the Depth will see to pass.
We won't be masters of the Earth anymore,

and others after us will come and they will pass,
new lords a lot of times it will have the Earth
and more corpses every time they will find.
Strange beings will come from dark spaces ,
strange eras will pass submerged by the endless sands of the time,
strange corpses will find beings and eras without end.
But who has overcome the death he won't care of the death,
busy only to meditate revenges ,
intent only to dream nightmares,
tense only to wait for the moment.
With the passing of strange eras even the death can die.
The Living Corpse sends the nightmares.
Since the first beings endowed with reason they took possession of the Earth
from when the first unlucky person becomes able to receive the message

they have received the sentence to arouse the infamous attention ,
since then there hasn't been peace anymore for any on this Earth
11 corpse who lives in the depth he made us object of his messages of terror ,
the dead body that doesn't die in the abyss of those who will come after us
inevitable object of his visions of nightmare.
Who has called it doesn't have escape : it must answer to the call ,
he must become some liturgy of the terror officiating,
he must become without hope of the hidden cult enslaved.
The dead body that sleeps in R'lyeh he will go making proselytes for eras without end
between us and among those who come after us.
The liturgy of the nightmare has established a chain that climbs over the time
It will tie us all up to the day of his awakening .
The Living Corpse sends  the nightmares.
In his house at R'lyeh the dead Cthulhu waits and the dreams .
Centuries and eras will pass over 
but Cthulhu will always be there waiting .
Millennia and eons will pass over
and Cthulhu will accumulate dreams and nightmares , hate and revenges.
Cthulhu knows that the time will come
and He is attending in the tomb in R'lyeh
as a lion in trap in its lair .
You must tremble because the den that seems empty and abandoned ,
the den of which the memory is also lost,
It is inhabited from the horrendous monster ready to pounce.
In his house at R'lyeh the dead Cthulhu attends and dreams
One day the stars will come back in the right position .

The day when it opened the door of the void
the stars were in the propitious position
because the original act of the diabolic liturgy was performed.
Since then the skies have rotated and they will keep on rotating,
the spheres will still measure the centuries with their turn.
But one day , we don't know when ,
a day that - we hope - we will not see ,
It will be once more different from all the others.
That day, the spheres will have again brought the stars
in a propitious position for the final act of the liturgy ,
that day the cycles will open again a door,
the blasphemer door that seals the crypt forgotten under the seas .
And on that day there will be neither more defense or shelter .
One day the stars will come back in the right position again.
Then Al Girtab will let his call and his believers will hear 
they will be ready to make him homage.
That day the infamous R'lyeh will return to the light from the bottom of the sea
with its ruins crusted of shells,
with its columns festonate of algae ,
with its stones covered again with mud.
That day will come back to light the crypt location and source of every terror
That day He who grasps  will come out of his grave :
you will know him as an abomination to you.
That day He who pierces It launch its cry :
like the roar of the earthquake that weakens the knees You will know it to you.
But those among us who will have adored him in silence
They will come out in the sunlight and they will be counted .
You will then discover the endless horde from which you have always been surrounded ,
then you will discover in the middle of those who you have always lived peacefully
and you will understand that there cannot be more escape .
It will now begin in all its blasphemous glory the reign of the apparent Chaos.
Then Al Girtab will let hear his call
and his people will be ready to make him homage.


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