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We have divided our manufacturing facilities in 5 categories. By clicking on the symbols below you can choose your favorite type:


femdom     maledom     extreme     travtrans     fullmovie


There are many now, to make and give away video, but who for many years does it with passion and professionalism can give that little bit extra is lacking in amateur productions often fabricated and tailored to trick you. We want to distinguish ourselves and weaknesses of our over 10 years of professional products we offer quality video (including HDD) with REAL content. The difference in the content lies in the fact that in our video bdsm action is real, there is no pretense or mackup. They are certainly not free as this portal (which has no outlet advertising) has operating costs that offers lacking in some way must be fed.

We are people with a strong passion for BDSM, photography and image construction. By the time we formed a small circle of friends with whom to build a serious project and concrete. Not so much interested in the opinion of those who does not believe that market their experience on the net is not the result of passion. If that were the greatest directors of international cinema would not go beyond the first film.


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