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Queen of the North

Written by Alessia schiava di Djablo.

When you'll look like absent or distant,
just think that I am creating for you.
Then observes the petals of the rose black
in it you will see reflect the red dragon
and what if you were to be incomprehensible
is aware that I have always inside.
Even now I'm caressing you
with my thorns of steel,
Be wrapped in silk scented
and caressed by invisible strings.
My chains surround you
and will give the armor to protect
I'm incatenandoti in a crystal ball
where you'll be my magic.
Everyone will see the colors
but only I kiss the trembling of your purity.
Can you be Queen of the ice
such as to accommodate my lava
shines as the orchid with dew.
Now my Queen pull out all your strength
and gives me your soul
so that I can wrap my heart.

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