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Written by Mater Tenebrarum.

I am queen of the mists that cloud your minds
Mother in the dark, ergo my claw and tear you to light
The abyss swallows up your dirty mind to sacrifice
lego your limbs with the roots of the mandrake
whip with obsession and passion
Tear meat which give the appearance
I lift the cup filled with belladonna and try the delirium
I drank in search of the alteration of the senses
I look at you with eyes tinged with blood
kiss you and inject it in your entrails my poison
Forcefully grab your neck to relieve
I am going to possess you, to get you the eternal devotion
I invoke the force, I invoke the passion, I invoke the delirium
I drag you into this hypnotic reality
I moon night of your tear my heart to you
to dip them in the river of my volcano lava
and that your heart get up in the night sky
in dripping tight muscles and nerves of your blood
in my outstretched arms, breasts flooding me
suspended in the dark without sacrifice your time waiting for this
Arrows of light announce the song where the sun is dead.
draws from the silvery metal saya
dilated pupils is specchino in the cold steel
that the blood kisses the womb of the Blessed Mother
when the hard blade wakizashi rend
You warrior / a Red Dragon I apparterrai
and I'll be mad with joy the Valkyrie who rides the wind
as it will be invisible but present in your mind.

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