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Master or Devil ?

Written by Djablo Master.

From the top of my thoughts, I observe meditating. I hide and I like to see passing prey meat bitch. The point as a nocturnal predator, plano on her silent like the wind. I grab the harbor and at the top with me. Bitch called beast, I know for a long time. Female called male. Decided motivated, strong, aggressive but not bad.

I grab her hair and prepare to mount fierce. I know you want this. The sweetness will be for later, but now she wants the male. And 'ready for anything, whip and chains, you bitch, you beast, even fierce. He needs to bite fight to prove that she is strong and worthy of a Master. Fair and indomitable will sell only to the strength of its predator and exhibition will bring the signs of battle. Ready to be faithful slave, the bitch now squirms under the lash of the whip chained pride. But the beast the press, crushing, biting the neck, fold into submission. Now he dominates and possesses brutally careless of wounds up to make her scream of pain ... or pleasure. Explodes and the brand as his meat, his thing, conquered and won. Now, just now grabs her and made ​​her understand that the essence of worship in its prey. The win take you where shame and fear, where only the gods can fly, and even if for a dream they will be happy to belong, to be indispensable, the one for the other. Master or devil, I do not know what they are, I do not even care to know, I know I'm her, as she knows she is my flesh, my bitch and my bitch. I djablo scratch and cut a past that no longer belongs to me to marry a reality that trembles in my hands just to touch it. And now we dance in the flames of desire showing who is the Master of his own body and mind to the point of not wanting to limit.

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