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Your meat

Flesh, hanging subjugated
abandoned to the desire of the brand
I owned bitch from hell
abandonment instinct and crying
I always ask for more pain
I am the servant of your mind are the strength
I cannon fodder, to offer pleasure
I can not lie to myself
Lick the hand that strikes me
proud to belong to those who have power
I hung and tied up, defenseless
I try my pride in the courage
I defy the whip that gives me pain
I cover my shame and I protect myself
My skin glistens with pleasure
contractions to dilate, and expose
A beast who want the blades
Wounds that do not bleed if you do not want to
a desire to be wild prey
Give me a fire brand I will give pain
the essence of my being shall be exalted
as my lascivious tongue torn
and brought into submission perversely
Obscene mind slaves of passion
a pool of shameless pleasure
flows from my cutting of female
while your hand draws on my meat
our love misunderstood
While your mind devouring my essence
and I bitch, groom your chain
to feel free to be your
Now bite me, let me signs
Leave me a total possession.
I am unaware queen of your own pleasure.
I absolutely canvas of your work.
I jet flying angel in the flames
of your immortal volcano.

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