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Written by Alessia schiava di Djablo.

Are wrapped and I can smell it
Falsehood, profanity, rudeness
something you sick to my stomach
punches him and he rips the guts.

There are those who think and believe that
An old man is a gap
A sick man is poison
A whore is rotten
A homosexual both the disease

that God himself is
you wash the dung is humiliating
that eat the rotten and poverty
that every action is premeditated

Some people think ... thinks too much
leaving himself
Not judging if it remains only
dirty and full of revolting smell

Some people think to destroy
because eaten up with envy
because empty soul
because basically useless

Some people think ... Male
There are those who suffer and in all its horror
think about how much you
to be scented death of those who
only thinks evil.

I scream my hatred towards those who
knows only think and vomiting
venom, contempt and prejudice
to those who do not know how to look

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