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The wolf

Written by Alessia schiava di Djablo.

I am the wolf,
Hunger is my partner,
loneliness my safety,
eternal, sad condemnation.
I am the instinct.
Walking quickly in the night,
the cold is my bed,
the wind my only blanket.
I am the silence.
A shadow in the forest
footprints along the river
eyes of fire in the deep darkness.
I am the mystery.
Love songs to the moon,
long runs chasing ghosts,
shadows and traces of smells and sounds.
I am the dream.
The pure freedom, absolute
that overflows violent
of seasons timeless.
I am alpha and omega
red snow of unwary prey,
breath of new life
closure of the natural ring.
I will be killed perhaps,
never lost, deleted
as immortal spirit of the forest
new force will be created.
I am the wolf.

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