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The end of your time

Written by Alessia schiava di Djablo.

Chains wrap my emotions
knives lacerate my body
night is coming down on my soul
The words are frozen
in a chilling scream of terror
soon the end of days
will put an end to the pain of knowing how far
fools will understand soon
that losing a caress
have lost their lives
Soon the tears will fall
of this valley of helpless animals
who live only of fear and envy
and when everything is dead
you will only hear the rattle
the deceitful serpent
A missed opportunity for your
and one last life.
The song of Sabbah began
Now we have to wait until
also your soul from falling into the abyss
I smile when I think about my knife
kissing your meat
tinged with a red and hot flavor of hate.
The clock counts down the seconds
that separate you by the eclipse
maybe you're already dead
and you do not realize of it.

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