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Written by Alessia schiava di Djablo.

Dress in white, pure as the driven snow
play with the tips of your hair
observe the swans in the pond chase
Hear a clear voice
A guitar accompanies the Andalusian
the flapping of the wings of the angel
accompanied by the rustle of silk
where do I turn off my
steel rings, embrace my wrists
light makeup and refined
I have like a canvas
my lips are the rose of the desert
I will be fragile and delicate
I'll be your ocean foam
I drink the tears of stars
my mind will sail in your dream
and I'll let the memory of shivering in absolute ecstasy
Take my chain and tension
that I may choke
Let me cry as my voice
I wish to belong without reserve
be your breath, your blood
your life, your emotion.

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