Perversion in a basement

20 euro 15 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto 
This slut is forced to receive a series of different floggings in a cellar. Her body was battered by whips and at the end she has to thank the master giving her holes and her mouth. It all takes place in a dirty and degraded cellar.
animal - beast - slave - flogging - tiptoe - cellar - degraded - whips
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Perverse throat

12 euro 9 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto 
A very beautiful slave is placed in a blocked pose, forced to anything thanks to her wrists tied behind her back and connected by a big anal hook. Her body is whipped and her mouth used deep down.
hook anal - spanking - throat profonfa - hogtie - slave - slut - blowjob
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Nipples tortured

 002  12 euro 21 minutes  format   trailer
Within a dungeon equipped, two Masters use this painslut in alternating actions of the whip and constraints, humiliating and using her mouth as an hole to be filled. The amount of different practices that are followed breathless reduce the painslut like a piece of meat.
Nipple Torture - deep throat - whip - spanking - strangulation - flogging
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Nipples burned

 004  12 euro 21 minutes  format   trailer
Fire and meat, pain, restrained, pleasure ... dripping hot wax on the breast of the painslut, the flame that touches her skin, the whip marks on her body, her mouth used as a latrine, an hard training to learn to be an object of pleasure and perversion.
Pissing - pee in the mouth - oral - whip - spanking - Nipples torture - whipping
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Little slave

 005  12 euro 18 minutes  format   trailer
A performance of sadistic domination and absolute submission, the constant action of this Master and move this tiny and frail painslut into an absolute abandonment, to desire the pain caused by his whip and let him use her holes in the most unusual ways.
oral - whip - caning - whipping - deep throat - anal
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Falaka discipline

15 euro 15 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto 
This slave is placed and tied so as to offer shamelessly soles of her feet to his master. He forced her to a session of falaka and bastinado with also barbed wire. Not forgetting to use her feet for a footjob. A video that will please the purists of torture of bare foot.
master - slave - falaka - bastinado - torture - feet
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