Down on the throat

12 euro 18 minutes  format   trailer
The painslut of this video has to suffer the large size of the penis of the Master that uses in the same way both her mouth that her ass going deeper inside in both holes. You will see her impaled and vomit drool like a bitch without restraint. The strong humiliations received and the sadistic coolness of the Master that make feel the painslut like a beast of flesh.
oral - deep throat - vomiting - drool - sodomised - slave - whore - Licking ass
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Cum on slave

 001  12 euro 21 minutes  format    trailer
Surprised by the experience of a Master very hard, this painslut of this video lets herself be used like a bitch, providing her holes that spread and yield to the clever games of him. It all takes place inside a basement dirty and stinky, which helps to make the action even more passionate and exciting. 
Fucked hard - deep throat - facial - spanking - big dildos in the ass - cum - spit
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Clit torture

15 euro 21 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto 
A bitch in heat in the middle of the menstrual period is subjected by his master to a series of vaginal dilation. The master introduces various objects in her pussy, torture and excite her several times near to orgasm. Suddenly appears a pair of pliers, she is forced to masturbate while the master holds her clit with a big clamp.
Menstruation - clit torture - Vaginal introductions - dildo - masturbation
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Bare flesh

20 euro 14 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto 
This piece of meat is beaten until bleed on her ass, then hogtie and then hung on a hoist. Her feet are tortured and used to give pleasure to the master that finally ejaculate on them. A real perverse video
animal - beast - slave - flogging - ejaculation - blood - tiptoe - cellar - degraded - whips
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A dirty beast

20 euro 15 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto 
This dirty slave proves to be only an animal to beused and tortured. After having been sprinkled with dirt she is hung and her nipples tortured with clamps, whipping her pussy, and more. Beautiful torture of the breast with a strap full of barbed tips . And dirty meat to be used and abused.
animal - Riveted scoop - dirt - stable - Nipple torture - whipping - clamps - dirty
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