Wild caning

12 euro 15 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto 
This slave suffers a severe caning and some shots of signal whip, then brought close to orgasm several times being tortured on her clitoris. Finally forced to get rid of a basin. Exhausting and humiliating session very nice for the sadism that the master requires this really submissive slave to pain.
pissing - pee - caning - torture cunt - flogging - bondage
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Tortured feet

25 euro 23 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto 
Torture foot rather bloody of this slave, who after being immobilized is beaten and burned in every way. Even a knife and a cigarette are passed sadistically on her feet's soles. At the end of the cigarette is extinguished on them sadistically generating a scream excruciating by the slave.
bondage - feet - torture - burn - barbed wire - falaka - bastinado - oil - hot wax
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Toilette slave

 003  12 euro 21 minuti  format   trailer
A painslut that is brought to the limit of her endurance with suspension, whip and torture of her most intimate parts, a painslut that makes of her pain the purpose to get into her mouth the urine of the Master as a reward for her submission.
Pissing - pee in the mouth - oral - whip - spanking - torture cunt - flogging
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Slave wash

20 euro 15 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto 
This slave is conducted in a cellar, jet washed  and then after being hung like an animal being slaughtered, is whipped hardly all over the body. Nice to see her hanging and forced to suffer the lashes in tip toe. A beautiful animal.
animal - beast - slave - flogging - washing - pole in the ass - tiptoe
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Public submission

20 euro 15 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto 
A slave is conducted in an old fortification. Inside an house she is obliged to submit to the perverse desires of her master, who after a blowjob, forces her to be sodomised. After the sex-use she is moved back on the main place and she is whipped again with a bullwhip. Great end  where the master piss and ejaculate on her body and the same slave lets go pissing copiously on the ground, being aware of his bitch.
slave - open - naked - whip - public - dirty - flogging - oral - piss - pissing - public
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Public humiliation

20 euro 15 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto 
This slave is conducted completely naked in a bunker and then be forced to perform publicly in front of her master. The contact with bare dirty ground forces her to be often mistaken. For this reason she is forced to receive first an hard whipping session and then an humiliating oral service on her master's dick. Video filmed entirely in outdoor public.
slave - open - naked - whip - public - dirty - flogging - oral
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