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lightsIf you want to capture subjects of any kind as long as BDSM and consenting, we can work with you by offering an absolutely professional service and quality products.

The OROACCIAIO is a post production studio photo video that offers its services wherever they need the presence of tools for professional photography or videography. There are many areas of interest OROACCIAIO: from videos institutional, corporate services also hard VM18.

The OROACCIAIO is able to provide services for photo shooting videos using the best equipment on the market (SONY - NIKON) with cutting-edge technologies.

The OROACCIAIO can manage and organize SIAE devoted to the commercialization of any products in DVD format, including printing and packaging of the finished product.

PLEASE NOTE: - Our company is still interested in the sharing of the rights of some productions. This involves the clearing of all the costs of recovery, development and processing of the final product. For each Ragguaglio about contattatarci:


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OA PROJECT – If you are tired of a "certain" bdsm, not a fake one and if you want to get into a serious project, concrete, read these few lines below. OroAcciaio is looking for Dom and Sub wanting to create a cohesive group of people with the aim to meet regularly in a suitable environments for a number of selected events in pure lifestyle. With slaves really such and not ready to play a role and Doms aware of what they are doing. Such events will no be held into usual clubs but rather they will take place in particular environments and highly selected and between several people. The number will never be high, but act to ensure a mutual fun. Minimum requirements: Education, seriousness, respect, determination, conviction. We don't seek races between BDSMer or high experted, but people that wanna realize proposals, to act, and if necessary to learn what everyone ignores. If you want to know more please contact us with a your introduction.