Feet and shit for the slave

15 euro 24 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto 
Irresistible submissive bitch. real human latrine for two males. The shit is its essential element, licks her from the ass, from the feet and getting fucked by both males. Really tasty of shit this perverse female.
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Eatshitter Beast

20 euro 18 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto 
In a dirty barn this slave is treated like a beast. The mistress for first uses him as a human toilet urinating and defecating in his mouth and getting a complete swallow. After she does him roll in the hay sheds on his face various craps and finally wash him thoroughly with a jet of ice water. For have all of his fear, she pretends to behead him with a saw outbreak.
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Dirty shit

15 euro 15 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto 
Dirty and fetish slaves discover new flavors. After licking feet and shoes, one of them uses an anal necklace for penetrate her friend and discovers that after been exctracted it is very dirty of shit, and instinctively licks ..
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Black dirty and shitty cock

15 euro 24 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto 
This whore is submitted by two males, one of which was black's skin and he was equipped with a big cock. She sucks it with great enthusiasm, after receiving his shit directly into her mouth. Not content let him also pee inside it.
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A shit for you slave

12 euro 18 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto 
This young mistress wants that his toilet slave does a very accurate service. The first is swallow of her shit that drops directly with an impressive naturalness into his mouth and then a perfect  cleaning of her dirty ass. Very impressive!
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