Swallows the asshole, slave

12 euro 15 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto 
This incredible bitch gets filled with shit and piss. It is really submissive perverted and hungry for bodily excrements. Impressive and shocking as this bitch loves the contact with the droppings to orgasm
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Swallow shit slave

15 euro 15 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto 
The taste of shit is the thing that most excites this slut with her tastes pretty special. She wants to combine it with the taste of sperm, which will get after a wicked blowjob. Depraved and perverse and real human toilet.
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Swallow my exquisite shit

12 euro 21.3 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto 
A mistress wanna the maximum forgiveness from this slave. The use is extreme. After having defecated in the mouth, she gets cleaned thoroughly. Noticing that she is still dirty, she cleans herself with the paper and then make him swallow. Real scat.
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Slave shit licker

12 euro 9 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto 
This sow is used by three men as a living toilet, she gets shit and piss into her mouth from them. Her degradation is remarkable and her humiliation is complete. Especially when a master fills completely with shit her mouth. A real latrine.
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Slave of shit

12 euro 19 minutes  format   trailer
We can just talk about flower pride, where the flower is a rose with thorny stem hardly taken between the butt of the painslut that tastes the bullwhip of a Master with a fantasy without restriction. So strong psychological impact, this video shows how a "bitch" feeds and is drinking the "excrement" of her master ... Not for everyone.
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Shit of the Mistress for the slave

25 euro 30 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto 
New Italian mistress working on a slave with a really durable. After the anal dilatation with enormous phalluses, the Sadistic shall penetrate the slave's ass with her hand. The degradation of the slave is not limited only to his anal opening, but the sadistic uses him as a full toilet lavatory with a complete swallow of feces and urine.
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