The sow of master

25 euro 60 minutes   pay x view   trailer-vuoto new
This slave sow submits to his master to suffer any oppression. It is locked in different positions and beat her until she yells. Especially on the cross where she is whipped hardly on her back. In conclusion, it is fucked and covered with his sperm from the master that empties also the condom used.
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Anal delights

25 euro 85 minutes  format   trailer-vuoto new
Video of woman domination on man. After several grueling treatments using spankings, the domnatrix gets served by the tongue of the slave in every part of her body, including her pussy and ass, she bends over and pisses and defecates on a bedpan suitably prepared for the submissive. He picks it up, brings it to his mouth and consumes the contents with the maximum dedication.
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A toilette slave for tree Masters

25 euro 60 minutes     pay x view   trailer-vuoto new
Three masters submit a slave, after various tortures including receive a steel anal hook in her ass, she is subjected to common use as a latrine human. One of them sits on her mouth and defecate in it forcing the slave also degrading to use as toilet paper. The great end with group pissing on the helpless submissive.
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A human toilet for the master

20 euro 50 minutes   pay x view   trailer-vuoto new
Video domination of man over man. A hard lesson for this slave to which a sadistic master spanks him before with a blood spiked spank, then using a hoist suspended him for the testicles until it scream in pain. Also note that in this position his testicles are also burned with the flame of a candle. To complete the master forces him to turn into living latrine to receive sperm, piss and two abundant defecations in the mouth.
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