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Switch - Fiona


1 - Who is Fiona, what are your skills and what stimulates you the most?

Fiona is , so to speak , a new woman , in the sense that comes from a woman that had with sex, in precedent, a relationship opposed and suffered . What I am now then respond to the second part of your question: my attitudes are the " human relations " that I explore and I intensify through sex and eroticism . What excites me the most, is to find the eroticism and sex through the best display that the man and the woman are able to express , getting rid of their outer shells and returning to play with the imagination and the body almost like you do as a child .

1982 - Why a woman gets to have sex her point of reference ?

Perhaps in me bubbling magma of eroticism so strong that , as I said, in the first wall of my life I had to choke it, then the encounter with my man and mentor allowed me to leave out these forces and now I don't intend to waste this second chance. Sex is in any case an expression of unique vitality , and other focus such as work , career and affections are for me conquests already long established .

3 - How does a woman with wide views in front of obtuseness of the society ?

The society, in which we live, is compared to many others in the world , the most liberal people I know. I hope to have minded that I granted and I must say that so far I have never met with any form of dullness , except in sporadic cases and not socially relevant . Rather I did not expect so many tokens of esteem and sympathy that goes 200far beyond the real fact of being a woman " very helpful ." I admit , however, that the life of a woman who has sex as overriding interests is only possible thanks to the character of Fionaextreme , that alter ego that puts me in the shelter from the harsh conformity that turn up their noses against Fiona's next door.

4 - Fiona have never been ashamed of something and if you have been of what and why?

At one time I was very ashamed of my nakedness , undress and put on display physically was a taboo that seemed insurmountable . Then my man taught me to be exhibitionist and to accept the rules of the game . The causes of that shame are undoubtedly the source of education and belong to the sphere of women's weaknesses in terms of self-esteem.

5 - In the field of BDSM what excites more between the active or passive roles and why?

In the field of BDSM I discovered with time to have an active temperament and dominant. Prevails in me the desire to plan, organize and lead the game until its conclusion, which for me is the orgasm , both of which dominated the dominant . I do not think that there is in me true obsessions of power or supremacy , rather it is the playful aspect , which I mastered with a lot of imagination , which leads me to activism and domination . THE world of BDSM I approached more as a slave and I have not missed very exciting experience , but only in very specific circumstances and conditions , I experienced a profound excitement in the role of passive and submissive . Even the insertion of my famous piercing is part of a phase of submission to which I substate with joy and that is part of my path of growth. Now I am essentially a Mistress that occasionally feels like to be on the other side to get to know the experience of the sub and conduct the session with wise moderation.

6 - what 's your vision of BDSM, unable to conceive it as a lifestyle ?

I hope not to disappoint anyone, but for me the BDSM can not be a way of life itself, for another quite complicated to maintain, even though deep down Fionaextreme , my character , it bears within it a masochistic brand , which has become a way of life : those rings that expose my vulva in a perpetual tension and obscene visibility to the simplest lift of the skirt. My vision is that of a dark and fascinating world , where you can discover and meet aspects of human nature surprising and disturbing . In this context, open the endless game scenarios that are so dear to me .

7 - Do you find a difference between a sub male and a female ?

I would say yes . For cases where the sub is heterosexual male is congenial to me and in a way I understand it more: the male physically stronger between the sexes reversed his role and play submit and cancel before the being weaker. In the case of the woman sub intuit mental paths is more twisted and more adventurous , where the roles are not reversed but even amplified up to limits that I can achieve but I think they are not in my nature. I suspect that the woman is able, as always, to achieve the most complete fulfillments , while the man touches a condition from which finished the game , dev202e he has to return back to resume its institutional role . In cases of homosexual relationship exist other variables. I only know those between women and I have to say that the confidence of the sub is much easier to obtain.

8 - Do you never come across a person who is able to engage her to the point of getting to her total submission ?

Yes, it is the person with whom I live and share my life as a woman "extreme ." But in this case there is half a love and I know that the topic would lead us too far away or within.

9 - Within the SM what are yours limitations, such practices you will ruled out always in both case they are received or made

My limits are those hardly, because I do not like the sight of blood . Needles and whips, that hurt, are excluded in my dungeon. Even the scat is strictly excluded. Everything else is allowed , from games to those of clinical role as a teacher strict, capricious mistress , cruel aunt and so on.

10 - Fiona would participate in events or SM Fetish and if you would go in what role ?

Certainly i would partecipate willingly . My role ? As I think I can always learn something I'd be a careful spectator , then if I saw that there is room for me I have no problem to make me an active part ... give me a nice ass exposed to the whip , or a nice erect penis that need of education and I'll be in my role.


197A special taste as well as some pointed out, a mix of extreme pleasure, punitive or endearing . Define one of the practices in vogue at the moment is not easy, but we will try to introduce , hit and sink , highlighting some steps that allow a safe and confident approach technique for anyone who has never practiced , and perhaps a few small suggestions to veterans art . The fisting fist comes from the English "fist" is the literal theoretically hit with our fist , almost an extreme human sexual activity that consists in whole hand inside the vagina or rectum . It is used as a continuation to handballing ( pelleting of the hand) , but making elementary is more properly the insertion of the hand into the vagina or anus . We see the difference between the two terms the handballing introduces his hand slowly , one finger at a time and then closes his hand into a fist , once entry altogether.




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