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Rigger - Andrea Ropes


Who is Andrea Ropes and from where is born your passion for the ropes ?

It is any person that 6 years ago he came across a particularly exciting photo and then decided to explore the world that lay behind that image so strange as it is intriguing .

Who are addressed in the international scene , the shows you do?

Certainly people with an open mind and with the desire to discover " new " reality. Anyway my shows change according to the audience that I face : if they call me to perform in art gallery the show will be more marked towards expressing a concept or an idea, if in a disco instead everything will be much more frivolous and played to amaze the audience .

How is done the choice of ropes, and to which material it turns your preference and why ?

Usually I prepare my ropes alone and I tend to always treat from start to finish using my methods . I don't like particularly the synthetic ropes and making mostly suspension avoid ropes of cotton. My choice falls on hemp and help for these reasons, but also as a matter of etiquette that the shibari requires.

cc05Which are the emotions seeing a well done binding ?

More than the binding itself, gives me a thrill to see that my partner receives pleasure from what I've done. Then yes there is also an aesthetic component , but that is secondary to what I just said.

How do you think should relate a person who begins to approach to this passion ?

I believe that if a neophyte approaches this discipline is mainly out of curiosity, to try to understand what pleasure one can ever have from tying someone or being tied up. Understanding this will depend on his way of thinking and the cultural baggage he brings with him . After that will be driven by curiosity towards the knowledge of the techniques.

On what skills do you choose the models?

There is no real standard , usually I work with who inspire me , talking regard to photos; performance instead prefer to make them with my partner , because I know the limits and I know how far I can go when I'm on stage .

Do you think that physical appearance is of fundamental importance for the success of bind ?

Sometimes it helps , but if the rigger is good will do a good job even with a model with little aesthetically . Much more important however are the physical attributes of the model, which often disregard aesthetics , and allow to reach very difficult positions and/or to be able to keep a binder for a long time.cc04

In general when it comes to suspension how long can hold a person and what are the measures to be used to ensure the safety of the models?

As I said above depends on the talents " athletic " of the model. As a rigger is good , there are models which are able to maintain a position for a long time and they are able to assume all the positions that you have in mind. The thing is subjective and depends on many factors . To ensure the safety of those who are bound, there are so many related devices , one for all: never stop thinking ! It is good advice for everyday situations but must be enhanced in these situations where you have to think even for those who have abandoned to our ties. Other tips are: be prepared technically about what you want to do , never overestimate ourself and under estimate the risks , this does not mean that you can not try to push your limits and those of the model, but it must be done with the head on our shoulders , proceeding step by step and when possible with assistance from other people maybe more experienced . All this unfortunately will not keep you 100% safe away from any risk , the unexpected can always happen , and then you MUST always have at hand the tools that allow you to release and to secure your partner.

Do you think it's a practice for all or there are some personal qualities that lead a person to be more or less skilful in the art of shibari ?

I always liked to think that a person knows how to tie its shoes, is able to learn to tie . So I think that it is a practice for everyone, but as with all things , however , some people have that something extra that allows him to go over to stand out.

Which are for you the 10 words most importants in this art ?

( In no particular order ) discipline , aesthetics , pleasure, art, erotic , domination, naturalness , consensuality , intimacy, and above all safety .



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