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Mistress - Dream Squall

DS7491) Who is Dream Squall and from where is born your interest into these Bdsm disciplines and femdom?

Dream Squall is a woman with a personality very enterprising , heart-to-heart, decisive and why not, a little skunk . Define when my passion for the disciplines bdsm started, it isn't possible , I've always been rather " decided " to put myself in front of people . But I remember a funny anecdote from my childhood , which may have given the input to what I am now. I had a classmate in a couple of years older than he loved stretched his hands excessively . I remember one day I got mad as fuck and he in response to my verbal wrath , tried to foist a kick behind . I realized it in right time to grab his foot, lift his leg and let it fall to the ground from behind. I put my foot on his face and put it to rest , I was 11 and I felt a sadistic pleasure in seeing him helpless under me while the other friends deride him. Dream squall doesn't love femdom regardless, she loves domination in all its purest forms , and among these is the femdom if it preserves the characteristics of Bdsm .

2) This look so mysterious , that marks you, it has some specific root ?

The mystery is soon out: hide a part of myself to reserve it for those who feel worthy of my attention and managed to win my trust . But I believe that this mistery that surrounds me is both a stimulus and a source of curiosity for those who decide to get close to me.

DS7383) What is the perversion for Dream Squall and which of the possible ones is your favorite ?

I never associated myself to the masses , I always tried to be " over the top " as a result, so I couldn't be satisfied even with a sexuality " canonical " . Perversion for me is a journey through different borders that are always new, always exciting and I think I achieve the maximum satisfaction when I encounter a slave, that despite the suffering that certain practices lead, to begging to continue.

4 ) In the Italian Bdsm world, you look like a Mistress rather hard , don't you fear that this will remove the slaves from you?

Personally I do not really care. Anyone who comes to me will accept me for who I am . I'm definitely not a Mistress for all and not even want to be. I'm not a person who is satisfied, then those slaves who have the courage to try to reach me probably have this feature, the others will gladly leave to the great amount of pseudo-Mistress that do little and little they have.

5 ) From yours videos it appears a frequent use of glances and whispers , how important is the look of a Mistress and how important can take her voice ?

I would say from 1 to 100 is 1000 . Talking, watching, whispering , penetrating eyes keeps slaves in constant contact with me. Mine is a world of emotional involvement , I call it hell , the voice doesn't allow the subject to come out from it and look helps him to get into it. In this way, nailed his mind to my presence and inspire his senses to reach sensations resounding .

DS7056) How much is important the whip in your hands and what kind of whip do you prefer?

Take off the whip has the same effect as water on the fire , it turns off my perversion . I don't like particularly whips or flogger , I use them to test the strength of a slave , but my greatest satisfaction is expressed with whips long and the longest they are and more expressed my hunger is for domination .

7) How important is imagination to Dream Squall , which suggestions may be imposed for a slave, the use of it?

I would say that the imagination is the engine of bdsm . I accompany my slave on a journey in making their dreams real , but always " dressed " by something unexpected and unusual , so I often hear people say " it will be hard to find better ."

8) In which category is placed Dream Squall , ssc or rack ?

Why is there a ssc ? What never fails in my sessions is consensual , but all should be aware that a minimum of risk exists in all practices , even those that might seem trivial . Starting from this assumption and fate that a person voluntarily chooses to accept the risks associated with each individual practice once he comes to me , I would say I am somewhere in the range of serenely Rack.

DS7849) What is your impression of the Italian scene of femdom or BDSM in general?

Dangerous question and answer surely uncomfortable . My impression is of a degradation of colossal proportions . There are no more values, there is no more respect , there is no more awareness of what you are doing. The bdsm has become a funny little game that everyone can do but in reality very few know about. It's a bit like a game of poker played knowing that you have to put together 4 cards of the same value but which you do not know the basic rules . The bdsm and in the same way the Fendom , is fouled by the person who uses the name to make easy sex and the bad is that they often do so with a disarming arrogance.

10 ) What is a slave to Dream Squall ?

A slave or any alleged or real is believed that ? A slave is true molten gold to be shaped and preserved with care . A purports to be it is only a customer.



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