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Master - Djablo

476Which representation of himself and who is Master Djablo

I am a Master interested on the Eastern disciplines and order , who believes in the mental domination combined with elegance and eroticism. My only limit is mine consciousness. I can bring any slave to know him/herself by strengthening the mind and thought. I am aware of the importance of systems of correction but I'm sure the domination is not only a whip . I appreciate the art of kimbaku and I love the use of ropes to melt pure eroticism and sensuality to bdsm . I choose thorny flowers to dress up and value the body of my slaves.

I see that you particularly like the use of ropes , what do you feel after finish a binding's opera ?

First of all, I am pleased that the ropes have power on the slave tied , paradoxically make them free to be theirself. I love to see their pleasure in being victims locked , I love to see it bleed from their flesh and i love lingering on their eyes that are the gate of the soul. The ropes leave marks deeper than a whip and often , in my opinion, enhance the awareness of being victims pending further emotions , of course, will not take long to come.

The soul navigates along with the person , a dominant gives importance to this or prefers the single physical factor ?

Personally I give importance to the soul of the person. The physicality is secondary and I always assert that every slave should try the purest feelings of BDSM regardless of its physical appearance. Obviously a beautiful woman excites and attracts , but if she is only exciting, she will remain only a doll empty inside , with nothing to give. At the time of the "game " I love to use terms very raw and strong that penetrate the mind of the slave until she reaches the awareness of being a beast in my hands, all this can only relegate the physical appearance of a component kit . I will see what she will take me to see .

474On your judgement why a person gets to achieve pleasure from pain ?

For many people it is a necessity . Demonstrate that the offer themselves leads to specific search extremes that occur often in painful ways . This can produce forms of pleasure, then , bearing in mind that this necessity is subjective , often those who pursue more intense aspects are motivated by the wish to expiate their guilt, maybe once met these needs they get pleasure indirectly. Difficult , however, be in the mind of anyone.

What do you think of theme parties, Local meeting and so on? Have you ever participated or will participate ?

I participated in the first events and even then the main gain was only to find them opportunities to show off. Now I don't want to generalize but I am led to believe that they become even more to export points of the image. This could also be good if there was something to see, but apart from a few usual subjects available is increasingly rare to see something interesting. More than participate , I would like to organize something different and much more intense than what I see around and that often translates into a struggle of interests between various groups , this thing that often divide instead of join.

I guess you owned slaves , in this case , do you love the interactions or a temporaly disposal with other Dominants or do you prefer to keep them for yourself alone ?

I have several slaves , some novices , others more experienced . I always try to find collaboration and interaction with other Dominants , however in the case of surrender momentarily, I always like to be there and alert as offering slaves often out of the ordinary is easy for someone to think he can do on his own without even knowing the physical and psychological characteristics of each them.

015What would you like from the BDSM after too years of activity?

I don't expect anything because in Italy the ingratitude has the better , often dictated by envy and obtuseness of some signs of injury . My hope is that this way of doing things will change and that is also beginning to recognize the one who deserves plaudits . I do not know if I fall or not among these people , I am not the one that have to say it , certainly , in my view , in Italy there are characters bdsm environment that are known to exhibit and , as I said , rather than receive adequate recognition , having been exposed have been made only object of criticism. I would also like that too much sex was not mistaken for bdsm , but this is utopian .

In the event that there is a transfer or assignment to other Dominants , you run the risk of incurring jealousy on his part ?

Transfer to third parties of my slave is my constant . I believe this will help them in their path of slaves and complete them such lustful pleasure objects . This doesn't contemplate be followed by others Doms because who better than the main Master can shape her to his taste and liking ? I don't accept the jealousy on the part of any slaves, and for consistency in my turn I'm not jealous. But be careful not to confuse jealousy with the preservation of the property.

In your images I often noticed the presence of a whip, is this practice that you prefer and do you believe it is the right representation of a subject Dominant ?

483It is perhaps the extent of the power that comes to kiss the bodies chosen for this purpose . Certainly it is one of my favorite practices but that I doesn't require at all costs, because even at the exact moment that there is consensual to the thing , you will be in response decisive action without pretense. It will be pain. The whip cannot and shouldn't be the figure of a Dom, rather it is his personality that sets him apart , not the objects supplied.

During your years you had a large number of slaves , your research , if there is a research, do you prefer slaves already formed or start over with a " beginner " and why?

Given that there are times when external components , which sometimes mean that it is better to avoid. I love having full control of me at all times and if my mind is disturbed by a variety of problems I'll no have and I do not want to have anything stimulus. Vent their anger on a slave is not appropriate behavior for a Dom I have always tried only neophytes . Never slave formed by others. This is because I live the bdsm in a manner so visceral from talking about it with normalcy in my daily life with anyone. And who knows me well knows. This is why I repeat that I do not do BDSM but rather are in the pure lifestyle . A neophyte is a new dawn , then rediscover a continuous and inside it is the stimulus for more pure. It is a little like to deal with a new vacation, a trip. It is one thing to do it in a known location, it is one thing to go adventure into something that you do not know .

Together with my faithful slaves , I propose to those who want to rely even momentarily, to my driving without false but rather plays with the conviction to enhance his own person through submission . I don't search sex adventures ends in themselves , for those I have long reached the maximum fulfillment. I don't play and do not use " toys " . Respect me and you will expect the same. I do not make lists of disciplines , I don't except any of those except the ones you will bypass yourself. I am often atypical person shadowy and thoughtful but always sensible and balanced . I take into account other Dominants for the use and degradation of my slaves . As long as they are people of impeccable education and respectful of my provisions .


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