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Events - Tisadica

1931 - What is Tisadica, where it is and by whom is owned?

TISADICA is a party SM Play ( BDSM ) with location in Lugano in the Italian Swiss. Easily accessible the TISADICA aims to make to live their emotions erotic and perceptive in a context of absolute confidentiality and harmony. The group is managed by a team of dynamic and passionate organizers who for years have lived the BDSM world and make it a lifestyle .

2 - Where it comes from the name Tisadica and who had the idea of ​​founding this group?

The name comes from the passion of two Masters who have been practicing bdsm for years. Driven by their strong friendship and the desire to give voice and body in their common interest , they decided to try to found in ticino a place that would be a meeting place for those who , like them, the SM did a necessity. Here then is the initials of the Ticino region combined with their dominant role ( sadism ) have created the name TI-sadica.

locandina3 - What are the goals you aim to achieve and what has already been achieved?

TISADICA aims to be the reference point and meeting place for lovers of BDSM wheter they are in Ticino as they come from other regions or countries , in fact many participants, who reach TISADICA, arrive from Italy. Other goal is to pass a "right" message of what really is the BDSM, dispelling prejudices and that aurea of conspiracy of silence that is growing around this world for lack of knowledge . Target achieved is that many today are the faithfuls those follow us and this thing is a source of great pride for us.

1584 - What kind of people frequent the place and what opportunities can be found ?

The TISADICA is based on these fundamental principles: professionalism , education, respect for others , safety and privacy awareness in the game . No one is excluded if it reflects the above requirements . We have no prejudices , so that each orientation is, like heterosexual, lesbian , gay or bisexual, will be gladly accepted if from the other side will be provided with respect and decency .

1835 - How is the local and the spaces that offer?

The Club is a cozy and simple, with an obsessive attention to hygiene, is divided into specific areas where they can develop many interesting "games" : entertainment room , corner sofa , rooms with 3 beds, bathrooms for man and women and both provided with shower. The equipments are of various kinds : cage , pillory, cross St.Andrea , stands , benches , open chair , steel bars , 3 points for suspension and much more.

6 - What kind of events are organized and how often ?

We try to propose a monthly BDSM meeting possibly on Sunday in which they can participate fetish , bdsm , submissive , dominant , bondage but there is also the possibility to organize evenings just for fetishists . During the event and no one is forced to practice directly , they can also be present as a spectator or take the opportunity to make knowledge or debate on common themes or as a way to get closer to a world yet to be discovered but that resides in their fantasies . The more experienced people or those who wish to give a special touch will create something unique and memorable to make this evening full of ideas or simply a pleasure to savor.

1867 - What's the way used to advertise the events and how far in advance ?

The TISADICA has a website where you can follow the different events but soon will be incorporated by oroacciaio.com in order to make its voice to a broader audience .
On Facebook there are two closed groups ( TISADICA and OroAcciaio ), on which there are regularly the information of the events and the opportunity to discuss it. The strongest weapon for now it is the pass of word and who participated in the meetings that can not carry the message of TISADICA to others. Normally events are advertised at least three weeks in advance.

8 - There is a reference to which to lean in order to get informations ?

As mentioned above, there are groups of facebook (obviously restricted for reasons of privacy) or visit GOLD & STEEL , but it 's also possible to have direct contacts , and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Roby

9 - During the events, what type of services are offered and what are the costs of participation?

194The services are manifold: a rich buffet for guests , staff on hand to explain how the event takes place and how to play , a large park equipment. The prices are extremely low based on the quality of the service offered . An evening "type " on Sunday begins at 16.00 and ends around 23.00 , the prices for a couple ranges from 35 to 40 euro including the first drink , funny with appetizers , pizzas , meats, cheese, hot pastas and a second . The same applies to the individual that will cost around 40 euro entrance , the entrance for the individual ladies rather is symbolic 10 € .

10 - There is a selection of the type of people who can access it and if yes, who provides on it ?

There is a dress code , or a code for dress . We always advise our guests to dress appropriately and in line with the theme of the party , in order to create the right atmosphere. For any info on the dress code will invite you to visit our website . In addition it requires order and respect for people and a lot of education , in the event of guests a little pushy that does not obey the usual rules of good manners , caring staff in charge will have to accompany them to the door.


  • Each person has his ideals, respect them without criticizing them is a sign of good manners. Something does not suit you? You can turn around, move and ignore.
  • There is no obligation on the part of anyone and it is good to always ask to participate or involve yourself with an action already begun.
  • The slaves present belong to their respective owners. It is not allowed any kind of rudeness towards them unless the same Dominant will not ask explicitly. It seems superfluous to say that even to touch them requires explicit consent.
  • Observe the play of other people is allowed, but it is good to do it discreetly without disturbing others.
  • The clarity is crucial, avoid excesses of all kinds, and where appropriate organization reported any abnormal behavior.
  • Avoid comments about clothing, appearance or behavior of others. Your opinion is as sacred as their desire to express themselves as they see fit. You are not masters of their lives and you have no right to judge.
  • It may happen that you are asked to get away. Do not comment or make controversy. If you are asked courteously is good Dispense according equal.
  • If you are intending to start a conversation without waiting for the opportune moment to stop and always turn to the dominant figure.
  • The use of objects or tools is allowed but it is good that every person on the grounds of prophylaxis, use their own which they took from home.
  • Confidentiality, good judgment order and cleanliness are the foundations of civilized behavior. Even a theme party has need of these behaviors. Remember that you are accommodated.
  • What could you appeared strange, for others it may not. If in doubt consult with the staff who will intervent if necessary in your behalf.

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