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Slave - Alessia

How do you define your status of slave and why?A012

Slave is a strong term, I would say abused for a person who has chosen with his own free will to belong morally and physically to another person. I think I have a determined and resolute character, both characteristics that have made me proud of my role of slave and be owned . I prefer to define myself like red-hot lava that come out satisfied on the top of the volcano. An ongoing challenge with myself to reach heights that only a few have dared to think, that makes me feel alive.

What prompted you to offer to your current Master ?

Let's say that it all happened because it had to happen , or at least I think so. Surely the principal role has had the confidence established after a long acquaintance with no ulterior motives. I have known a person, a man , I appreciated the sincerity, the strength of character and his determination , only after I learned to appreciate and desire the Master that there is unquestionably in him. From there was born the rest.

A106How alessia would define herself ? A slave, a beast or what?

Alexia is a person who , in her way of living life, wants to be the bitch of her Master , flesh and blood, poison and passion, but always and only to Him or those who will be chosen by Him.

What brings you to try the extreme, which are the feelings that you feel proving it?

The extreme is nothing more than what the mind can not conceive of each individual . It isn't said that what for many is like this, for me it is the same. I prefer to talk about situations that test my inner self , my feelings that allow me to say " Alexia you've passed a goal and you have another and another one and never will be enough ! Put a limit is the same to admit a surrender, and I have not ever give up.

I hear often about the limits but also sadly about accidents, how do you explain it? Don't you think this is a contradiction ?

Speakers often don't even know what they are talking about. The limits , in most cases , are dictated by fear . and often fear about something that themselves don't know . Similarly improvisation ( so a no-knowledge ) within the BDSM places let individuals in a position to make mistakes, which are cause of " accidents." But an accident can be for an hanging-hook with a manufacturing defect that is unfortunately broken (unpredictable), however, those that often we hear, they aren't unexpected situations , but a manifest of superficiality for something that should be approached with meticulous attention . I remember that everyone should be responsible for his actions and in the case of a Dominant also of the safety of her/his slave.A440

If a girl would want to engage your same trip , what do you will recommend her? How she could become a slave and what she needs to be defined as such ?

A few tips but fundamental : to know themselves both mentally and physically , love oneself and like each other, don't run at all costs, but be able to wait the time it takes to grow , do not EVER throw in the hands of just anybody , but think carefully about the person you faces , learn to use pride to encourage herlself and not as a demonstration of superiority. She will become a slave in the same instant that she will not see the border between her and her Master , when the ring is closed.

After all these years of practicing , you believe that your search is over ? What will happen next ? You ever think about give over it ?

For me, nothing is ever finished , we always learn and always try to improve themselves. I will approach the next step only when it will appear. We no stop of being slaves , maybe one day I will be in a different way but for now I prefer to think about the present and in my mind the word " stop " doesn't exist.

When you started this journey with your Master , have you ever had doubts ? Especially at the beginning of your " path " of slave , what motivate you to freely give oneself ? Your ego disappears ? And your personality?

In the same instant you make a choice that doubts have already been exceeded , then why should I have doubts ? Does not disappear anything about me , my personality and my character remain the same , just they give vent in a different way with my Master, I dare say about it most complete , with Him I'm free. Free from taboos , prejudices , free from a society of false respectability , free to just be myself locked in my " chains." Why I should not give myself then , when I did this, I made ​​myself complete ?

A878If your Master ordered you to grow a new slave, do you think you can ? Isn't it a change of role for you ? How would you feel ?

If I were asked by my Master to grow a new slave I would not have trouble doing my job , I would do it without any problem and I don't think on it about a change of role , there would be this of my own accord if I wanted a slave or a slave mine, but in this case I would abandon what i am.

Who is Alexia so? what do you look for ? She has made ​​a choice about lliving her life and now ?

Alexia Alexia is a stubborn woman who lives and constantly chases her emotions to merge into those of her Master , and now that I live my "life style" i bring it forward without hesitation, knowing that is what I want.


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