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Total Power Exchange (acronym , TPE) is an English expression used to describe the total exchange of power between a dominant and a / a sub in a relationship of bdsm . The series places this occurrence more widespread in stable relationships or 24/7. In this kind of behavior the Sun takes total control of the life of the sub and takes all decisions without any duty of warning and / or consult . Steven S.Davis TPE coined the phrase in 1997, according to Davis is voluntarily exclude some key points of the "normal" bdsm : the safeword or restrictions for example are not merely accepted a priori as the subject agree that there is no impediment the action of the dominant exercising his power. The TPE can not in any case exclude the application of the laws in force in each country, as private nessun'accordo may waive applicable laws. This will put always the dominant subject at risk of potential legal and posthumous revenge which will oppose any prior agreement , even if written and countersigned . Some speak of EPA or Absolute Power Exchange , but in this case, although it emphasizes the absolute power of the dominant one must come to terms with the paradox created by the fact that slavery is now outlawed in every part of the world making it impossible for the power that it recites . Go said that in the case of TPE sub voluntarily waives any form of SSC , or to those principles of health, safety and consensual , as a rule in any BDSM relationship .


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