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A ' collection of small glands located inside the vagina , around the urethra with the respective grooves formed vent that , in 1673 , Regnier de Graff called " female prostate " . these glands have the function to eject through the urethral canal , a liquid to increase the lubrication and the sense of pleasure . So ' as is the case for the male erection , even in women and ' can feel the presence of these glands during sexual stimulation they swell and get ready to ejaculate . ( vaginal orgasm ) . Such a phenomenon indicates a state of good sexual health but unfortunately not all women can reach for their physical shape is not particularly developed . How to get female ejaculation ? It ' simply insert two fingers just inside the cable Vaginal and let them take the classic position hook , The G Spot ( common term to identify the female prostate or Skene's glands ) will be' so ' and stimulated with the movement just under a third of the urethra will have ' a strong feeling of needing to urinate . Not trattenedo this feeling but releasing the muscles the liquid will run ' his way by giving a strong feeling of pleasure. There are two ways to achieve female ejaculation the first and the most ' famous ' just one called squirting a jet that occurs with violent and copious , the second , less common, and ' called Gushing and comes with a spill more liquid ' and contained less intensity' .


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