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The term comes from English to snuff Snuff and slung in the U.S. means " annihilate ", " brutally killed "
The term snuff or slow death and a kind of movies made in the form of torture that displays movies with raffiguarati people who are cut into pieces,
The genre was born with the film ( Slaughter 1971), author Michael Findlay , director circulated the rumor that the shooting was all true,
Then they began to go out 8mm video in japan in 1985 with a series called Guinea Pig , portraying a samurai who cut and dismembered a woman sedated , this film was that the visual effects of today's inexperienced look real,
The director then made a collection of the most violent scenes titrated Slaughter special, and began to distribute copies among friends and collectors , thus triggering a mechanism wildfire that did get this collection to the United States in the hands of Chas Balun , an actor of horror movies and special effects expert , who, excited by the vision , he began to independently distribute the video.
In 1997, a copy of the infamous collection came into the hands of the well-known actor Charlie Sheen , who, appalled by the vision and believing now that it was actual footage , hastened to contact the MPAA , which in turn passed the video to the FBI ; the latter course was already aware of everything and the roar created by the American star was concluded that in a soap bubble .

From unofficial according to the official website, a grain of truth in all this there is , on the p2p network are videos that depict the dead, which are true ?


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