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The term scatology , of course anything that has to do with the manure . Forms of the disease can lead to excitation in the presence of erotic acts or excrement ( scatofilia ) , the handling of excrement ( coprophilia ) and the ingestion of faeces ( scatofagia ) . In environments BDSM this practice is spreading like an extreme form of humiliation. It must be said that practicing this kind of perversion is to do in the environment RACK or where the subject is receiving unanimous consent in receiving and who are aware of the risks that can arise . And ' considered in the human as a sexual paraphilia . Usually these activities are only considered unusual , without necessarily implying that they are "wrong" or "sick " , as opposed to whether manifest in forms of physical violence / psychological , involving the practice of such perversions of non- consenting and / or characterized looking dependency obsessive , are attributed to a pathological condition . In the absence of these two specific elements , paraphilia The term was coined to replace , within a more rigorous scientific classification , the old definition of sexual deviations or perversions , among which were also included homosexuality and other forms of sexuality. Contrary to what you might think, this sport is widely practiced and is taking a substantial following both by individuals Dom and sub .


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