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Sacher Masoch, Leopold Von

Posted in Glossary BDSM


Leopold von Sacher -Masoch , world-famous writer was born in Lévki in Ukraine, but he lived in austria is studied . Masoch was appreciated even outside austria , where his works were translated into many languages. From 1856 to 1870 worked in the university of graz teaching general history of the new age , at the same time was a journalist and critic, and was also involved in theater. the early novels were historical genre , handled and wrote dell'etnie who lived in Ukraine and their folklore.Masoch was a itellettuale fighting all the racist theories , including anti-Semitism . was believed that his family was of Jewish origin but always denied by him. His fame grew when she wrote novels duo who made quite a stir and scandal in those days , the venus in fur , and the divorced woman . Venus in Fur Masoch tells of his relationship with Angelika Aurora Rumenin , in the story called Wanda , his future moglie.lo writer tells of how she managed to convince Wanda to become his mistress, who at first was very restria , but then took us taste andis became very sadistic towards masoch even drew up a contract of slavery, where Masoch renounced everything and gave it to his Dea.quesoto is the beginning of their contract . My slave ! the conditions under which you accept as a slave and will tolerate near , these are 1 ) you will need to totally give up your ego 2 ) you will not have the will other than mine. 3) you are in my hands an instrument passivoche run without discussing all of my orders . Masoch in these stories makes you realize how traie pleasure in being dominated humiliated in public by his wife , preferring mlto be whipped and be betrayed . and its name derives from the word masochism , even though he did not agree not recognizing any perversion in what he did . in 1895 he was locked up in a mental hospital in masoch Mannhein , where he died in 1905.


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