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Slave rules

Posted in Glossary BDSM

These rules should be construed as advice and are not and should not be a universal law . It ' task of establishing rules for Dominating your sub .

1 - As a rule , all people should be free calls or SIR LADY , all the dominant MASTER or MISTRESS , it was not their slaves but you have to give respect , the " she " is required. Is not it cute shorten the name for their own convenience and even give too much confidence .

2 - Jealousy does more damage disobedience , a diver must be satisfied to belong to a Domme who may have multiple sub as his right .

3 - The collar that is worn takes the honor of Domme . The behavior of the sub can make a piece of jewelry or a heavy iron dead.

4 - Serve your Domme as if your life depended on by the fact of being able to please ... why this is so . Esaltatene figure you will live because of reflected light. Elevateli the role higher because they will be your air and your blood.

5 - Perfection in serving or submit is the main goal . Achieving this will be a source of pride on the part of Domme that will have been able to shape your body and your soul at your sole wish to make of you a precious jewel to be proud of .

6 - To know how to wait for the arrival of their dignity Domme, without falling into temptation or carelessness but rather using time wisely and rewarding for the right Domme .

7 - The sub never speak of themselves in the first person, there is no " my" or "me ." A diver can not want , but rather want knowing full well that his desire can not be the same as the Domme is fierce .

8 - A diver has no more than what your Domme gives him knowing full well that one day this will be taken from him .

9 - The most futile desires of your Domme will become your most coveted desire . Pleasing him have obtained his happiness and satisfaction.

10 - The punishment is never an end in itself , it must arise from the reasoning to not commit the same mistake again . in performing this act required Domme takes his precious time and energies , for this is gratified with your thanks.

11 - A good sub ​​you belong to, and then give themselves totally to the dominant . To belong means to control their own behavior that should always be inecepibile . A good dominant is not gratified by the terms self-harming and autodenigranti by the sub , it will be inevitable to avoid capture the attention of a dominant .

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