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Posted in Glossary BDSM

rackRACK , English acronym derived from the phrase " Risk -Aware Consensual Kink " is a term that is to indicate, as part of a BDSM relationship , the set of acceptable sexual games provided that any risks are present consensually accepted by those who apply them actively or passively .

More specifically , the acronym indicates Rack :

Risk ( risk ) : a thorough knowledge of the risks associated with certain games

Aware (awareness ) : full awareness and acceptance of these risks

Consensual ( consensual ) : there is an agreement between the parties relating to the activities and risks

Kink : a term that is generally to indicate the forms of alternative sexualities .

Practices associated with RACK contrasts somewhat with that practiced by the majority of members of the BDSM, and expressed succinctly in the acronym SSC , that is healthy, safe and consensual . In this case, instead of placing the emphasis on greater security can be achieved in the context of sex, sexuality described as practitioners RACK believed to be correct even sexual activities without the requirements of safety and hygiene requirements laid down formula SSC , provided that carried consensus. It is eg . in this sense, questioned the use of so-called safeword , which is the key word that the submissive person may use his discretion to stop a sexual practice is no longer acceptable .

It should be noted that in each case the membership of all the participants in a sexual activity , even if expressed in accordance with the philosophy of the RACK , not exonerate the perpetrators of any crimes or personal injury, criminal responsibility provided for by law .

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