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Posted in Glossary BDSM


Some believe that this is the only way to dominate. Obviously, it is the only way to lose him / her slave! A / slave or not it is a rag to wash the floors and as it may seem, in a relationship of full consensual, is the one who decides the limit of the game. Because remember, is and must remain an erotic game though seriously! Assuming you can dominate insulting or exercising tyranny is the wrong way to understand BDSM. A good BDSM relationship is always based on mutual respect for the roles. A good Domme knows that to keep tied to whether a / sub must leverage its psychology, or enter his mind to move those wires that will make it exactly like the Domme wishes. Other forms of domination are unknown to BDSMmer true. They are only poor examples of life that have little or nothing to do with the true lovers of these disciplines.


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