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In the past the burnt grass had a psychic influence , because as for people, plants also have an aura , consisting of the essential oil vapor that is given off by wood and leaves. The Mandrake , a plant rich in tradition esoteric divided into two types: mandrake and autunnalis officinalis , a plant of the Solanaceae Mediterranean . The flowers are white tinged with blue and purple blooms in the month of December and the root has a particular shape , looking anthropomorphic . The collection of this plant should be done in a particular way : first you need to dig a hole around the root , tie and tie it to the tail of a dog and make him run ... This is just a legend! The mandrake collects a night of full moon in autumn. According to some traditions, the plant has magical powers with drug and also called tear of equivocal hanged because, according to legend, was born from the sperm and the fat of a man hanged on the gallows . This plant is very difficult to trace it on the market , it is often the victim of counterfeiting, but some herbalist is some magic shop he owns . The properties of this plant are countless fantastic , first sexual vitality gives to man, depending on what makes fruitful the woman (remember Machiavelli's The Mandrake ) , historical figures such as Goethe, Cagliostro, Joan of Arc used it because it was believed did become rich, but in our case, in witchcraft , the root of this plant is used to fix some elementary astral forces . The Mandragora is still used by the Wicca , is said to be used in the construction of some of Voodoo dolls .


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