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Human Forniture

Posted in Glossary BDSM


Human supplies or forniphilia , coined by Jeff Gord is used in the BDSM world to describe the use of a slave as supply of furniture that is used as the mobile human . Submit a submissive erotic humiliation can be considered as sexual objectification . Furniture human is a form of fetishism and sexual objectification , ( chair, table , cabinet , stool , desk, or other, ) the slave adopts the status of a fetish object . Many find this type of sexual objectification highly erotic , especially if the subject is somewhat vulnerable , maybe his mouth or pussy are exposed. Knowing that he can not move and can only hope that it will be of some use . Pending use, it is forced to wait and obey until now. In this type of technique is usually the slave bound and gagged with bondage techniques , because its use can be extended , and then you see frequently check his state of health. Allen Jones " Hat Stand and Table Sculpture " incorporates semi-nude women in furniture, and are considered as sexual objectification . In this practice there are few health risks, but there may be a high risk of suffocation depending on the use of the slave , and as described above , there must be a frequent check on the state of health.fornophilia

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