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Originally Kinbaku was born as a form of incarceration in Japan in 1400-1700 's. At that time, the local guards and samurai used it as a form of imprisonment . There were no prisons in Japan, the metal resources were scarce , but they had a lot of rope. So this rope was what they had to use to keep a prisoner still. From this pro - kinbaku called Hojojutsu are born different martial arts that use the rope as a weapon of offense and defense ( torinawa ) .
Even today , the police car in Japan carries a bundle of ropes in case he needed it , and in some places still prisoners are tied and exposed publicly.

There are laws concerning the samurai Hojojutsu but in my opinion are very romanticized , we Westerners have a tendency to romanticize too much Japanese culture, a samurai was not obliged to comply with them at the time was as they say a track.

1 . Do not let the prisoner escape ligation .

2 . Not cause any physical or mental harm to the prisoner .

3 . Do not allow anyone outside the clan techniques to learn the techniques of your clan .

4 . Be Artistic about the design , it was the mark of the clan.

In the Edo period there is the classification of the line to be followed for torture and interrogation were in tow, were taught and used in this order:

1 . Caning and water both hot and iced .

2 . Resistance: the prisoner kneel on sloping terrain with stones, tied with sharp stones between the ropes.

3 . In the long term the lotus position (ebi) , tied up to the extreme . ( Legs crossed, his head on his knees, his arms behind his back) , to be repeated several times.

4 . Semi- and full suspension . suspension arms tied behind his back with the addition of stone weights to your ankles.



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