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Posted in Glossary BDSM

HarneesHarness , harnesses ( for horses ) , bib (for dogs ) , harness. Under fetish and bdsm the harness is used as garment. You can , in particular, to articulate the "body harness " and "head harness " . The first , faithfully translated into Italian , has the appearance of a kind of a harness. Generally used in role-playing games involving the use of slave or slave like a horse or a dog , it consists of strips of leather, latex or rubber rings and metal buckles to be worn on bare skin . Purpose of this garment is to highlight the curves of the body of / to slave alluding to control situations or ligation . The second , is , instead , an accessory made ​​with more belts . These , lock buckles fastened behind the neck , surround the entire head (from " head" = head ) . Narrow is the correlation between the head harness and some kinds of gags (think , for example, to ball gags, ring gags, muzzle gags ) . The straps arranged in the vicinity of the lips , in fact, provide helpful attachment points . The accessory can , however, act in itself from gag . Purpose of the head harness is to prevent the possibility of speaking , limiting breathing. Moreover , forcing to emit saliva from the mouth - given the difficulty of swallowing involves - increases the sense of awe and humiliation of the wearer . A variant is constituted by h.h. that consist of belts positioned along the face, also prevent the view.


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