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Nowadays , the ritual of training and education of the geisha is not very different from that of a hundred years ago. The disciplines in which every one must specialize geisha are the same and the seriousness with which they are offered is enshrined in the kenban ( " kenban " ) , a sort of professional body which requires those who are registered to respect the rules of moral and aesthetic very severe , from clothing , to makeup, to lifestyle . Their salary is also determined by state organs specially used ; them to the geisha must state what meetings he attended and for how long, so that it can receive the salary based on the number of customers and time, and because the ' office will send the bill to the customer. In this way, the geisha are no longer tied economically all'okiya , which by law can not be contracted debts to his geisha . The time that is paid to them is measured based on how many sticks of incense burn during their presence , and it is called senkodai ( " senkodai " " compensation of incense stick " ) or gyokudai ( " gyokudai " " jewel fee " ) . In Kyoto , however, prefer the terms ohana ( " ohana " " compensation flower " ) and hanadai ( " hanadai " with the same meaning ) . As mentioned previously , the geisha are gradually disappearing. The main reason , in fact, the success of the geisha in the past to be found in the last position of women in society , especially in the Kamakura period , it had , in fact, remain confined in the house, and received very rough upbringing , which did not allow them to converse and adequately affect their men. The geisha , therefore, made ​​up a female figure unattractive, absolutely and totally subjugated to men devoid of its own personality , providing that interest to the man that he could not find within the walls of their home. And it is precisely the changing social status of the woman of today who is doing the disappearing figure of the geisha . The schools are closing one after the other and the girls are enrolled in fewer and fewer , because the hard training required to submit not more welcome to the new generations . Even today , however , the geisha exist , although in lesser numbers . The communities that resist are mainly that of Tokyo and Kyoto that is the most important . In the latter there are five hanamachi , the most famous and important of which are those of the Gion ( Gion Kobu and Gion divided into Higashi ) and Pontocho (the other two are Miyagawacho and Kamishichiken ), while Tokyo has six of them , even if minor , Shimbashi , Akasaka , Asakusa, Yoshicho , Kagurazaka and Hachioji . The Kyoto geisha still live in traditional okiya , and still figures as the oka - asan , while outside this city more and more often they decide to live independently in apartments nell'hanamachi or in its vicinity . Young women who wish to become geisha began their training later and later , after finishing a close-up of studies in public schools , or even the university . This happens especially in the most populated cities and open to Western culture , such as Tokyo, where the geisha are , on average, older than those in other cities. In modern Japan it is rare to see geisha and maiko outside of their hanamachi . In 1920 , in fact, there were over 80,000 geisha in all of Japan , but today there are less , the exact number is not known if not for geisha themselves ( who are very protective towards the mystery that even in Japan itself , hovers around their figure) , but it is estimated to be not more than a couple of thousand . Many of them, moreover, are now almost exclusively a tourist attraction. The decrease of the customers , in fact , with the advent of Western culture, and the great expense that must be paid to obtain the entertainment of a Geisha , have contributed to the decline of the ancient arts and traditions, which are now hard to find.


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